the beginning….

Here are my beginning BMP stats…I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m going to lay it all out there so hopefully I can encourage others.  This is such an important decision for me, that I can’t help but want others to join!!  🙂    I’ve created this blog to have another way to share progress.

height:   5’4″                                                                       glucose: 86  (fasting lab)

weight: 157  (i’m embarrassed)                                 HDL: 40 (needs to be at least 20 pts higher)

waist: 36″  (again, embarrased)                                 LDL: 135 (needs to be at least 5 pts lower)

total cholesteral: 216                                                    total: HDL ratio:  5.4

BP: 122/80                                                                        triglycerides: 204 (needs to be 100 pts lower)


There it is…all laid out for the world to see.  When I figure out how to upload my “beginning picture”, I will do that as well.