” She was beaten and raped.  She tried to get away, but because she was in a relationship with him, it was hard to do.  She finally got away, only to find that he was following her, stalking her.  He would jump her privacy fence and try to get into the back patio door.  She would call the police, and tell him to leave her alone.  But it didn’t work.  He would hide in the woods at a friends house, and when she went to visit, he would drive out and block her vehicle, even jumping on it, hanging on.  He would chase her down the highway, passing vehicles, trying to catch her.  She would call the police again, and again, just in time…he would disappear.  He would use the internet to try to get to her.  He would park on dirt roads, and watch the house she was taking care of.  And he finally broke into that house, after watching it for hours, and walked into the bedroom where she was in bed.”

” Since then her life has been lost.  She has lost everything.  She fights with flashbacks, anxiety attacks, fear that dominates her life at times.  She cries, and can’t seem to function like everyone else.  She doesn’t know what to do.  What does she do?  She can’t sleep, eat, not eat, think.  She loses time, not knowing what has happened. And now again, feels as though she’s going to lose again. There seems to be no end to the torment that lies dormant and then rages inside her heart and her mind.  What does she do?  She wishes someone would be able to help her.  Wishes with all her heart. She has a good heart, a loving heart, she knows that.  But what happened to her life? “. ©2015

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