My life as a mushroom

Recently, my doctor has told me that she believes I have lupus.  Which is somewhat of a relief, and a scare at the same time.  I have been dealing with numerous health issues, and switched doctors because no one has been able to figure out what is wrong.  I finally, hopefully, found a doctor that is helping.  The relief part being that I hopefully now have an answer as to what has been going on with me, and can now try to help myself through diet, exercise, meditation and such.  I’ll be working part time and doing some contract work to make ends meet.  My current attorney is looking at my disability case, and will be handling that from now on.

So, with this information, I have again stepped back and redone my life “plan”.  Ha.  It is impossible for me to work full time, so I am once again moving.  Although it is back to be closer to my kids. Which is good.  Moving away was good to some extent as well, but I found out real quick that I didn’t want to be so far away, and as these “flares”, or whatever they are called, happen, I find that being close is comforting.

Anyway, the weather is warming, and things are blooming.  My new little apartment is a studio, so I had to get rid of some extra furnishings…I had doubles of some things.  I have the best friends in the world, and they are driving out to load me up and move me into the new place.  The building has a garden spot, so that is good, as I love to grow my own food.  Tastes so much better and saves money as well.  I have some people that want to try out natural moisturizers and such, so I’ll be whipping up some batches of that.  Along with being cheaper, with no harsh chemicals, it’s soooo good for my skin.  Choosing to become as self sufficient as possible, and cutting out as many processed things as I can.  My body doesn’t want it, and I would like to make what life I have left, positive and with good quality.  🙂

Oh…my.  Colin Farrell is on TV…must go and drool.  🙂

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