Welcome to newbs…here’s a little backstory, and more..are you passionate about changing your life? Here’s the #1 way I’m creating financial freedom.

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Welcome to newbs. 😊

Welcome to newbs. https://atomic-temporary-41308365.wpcomstaging.com/how-you-can-start-making-money-now/

Welcome! Here we go! Learn with me as I create my new life…

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Welcome to Newbs! I am sharing everything on how I’m creating a life of financial freedom here. Join with me, or just come along for the ride.

I am a lifelong trauma survivor. I have disabilities. But I decided in 2021, to get out from under the thumb of the government. I have built an online business, that is allowing me to do just that.

BEST of all? I’m giving away tons of information, and now showing others how to do this.

Want in? Just fill out your info here.

Please know, that this is not a get rich quick scheme, and I will NOT try to sell you something straight outta the gate. Be ready to work, whoever says building a business is easy, and promises you thousands of doll-hairs within a short amount of time, is full of shit.

So be ready, I have a proven system that works.



ps… if you want to know more of the details of my life, you can go back and read the archives. I used this site as a personal journal for 8 years. There’s a lot.

Willy Nilly and my brain fog…

Good morning peeps. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you’ll see that I struggle. I struggle with depression, ptsd symptoms, borderline personality disorder… just a bunch of mental shit. It gets tough sometimes, and I cry a lot.

You’ll also have seen that in 2021 I spent hours and hours researching how to make financial changes in my life, and anchor that with what I deal with mentally.

I don’t like to say “can’t”…so I’ll use the word challenge. I’ve been challenged a lot to be able to function on a daily basis…so I needed to find a way to still be successful, and work around those ”challenges”.

Towards the end of 2021, I found the way/process I was going to use change my life, I’ve taken some training, and done a lot of research on how to make it work. I’m getting ready to launch.. finally!

One of the biggest mitigating factors in my life has been fear. Fear of failure, fear of hurt, fear of just almost anything. It’s been that way since I was a child. Mix in adult trauma, and symptoms and the fact that I am my own motivator…..well, it gets ”challenging” some days. Most recently I’ve been overcome with sadness and depression, along with anxiety attacks. I’ll be honest, I went to my PRN meds to make it through the days. I now see the end of this cycle, and am also fighting to bring an end to this cycle, because no one is going to put in the work except ME. I have to remember it’s ok to take a break. Which is what I’ve done for a few days here and there over the last weeks.

So, onward and upward.

Keys to success, what and where the heck are they?

For this past year, I’ve been searching for ways to make my money work for me. I’ve stumbled onto hundreds of “click here to instantly make money!” and ”make money fast online”.

The truth of the matter is there’s no get rich quick scheme. Unless you win the lottery, and in my case I don’t want to spend the extra two dollars on a ticket, so I don’t play. You have to work at it, and be consistent. There’s a lot of backend work to creating an ad that converts, and makes you money. I’m learning that, and I did take some training for that, from someone else, who has been successful. I’m still learning, and asking questions.

I’m going to be sharing what I’ve learned here, with hopes that it helps someone else to gain financial freedom. 🙂

Tood-a-loo! See you tomorrow.