Transformation’s wings

Loneliness spiny fingers
Encase the form that once was
Where sunlights light once shown
Now slowly breathes a rot
Not that of hatred
But of not
Of things seen once shown
Some of longing, most of life grown
Loneliness caresses her with care
Knowing that it’s not a want
Stealing space within the air
Gently manifesting it’s well worn, but affective snare
To teach her how to love
Love a loneliness
She doesn’t understand the prickly hot fire
The feeling is not what it should be
Confusing, feeling ripped into pieces
She touches her blazing open chest
Touching muscle slippery shiny red and wet
A slight soft quiver is felt under skin
She smooths it, confused.
As a whisp of spring breeze alights on her face
And cools that open wound still bleeding
Then as if there was an absence of all knowledge
A small sinew of warm thread
Sews up burning embers
She watches, waits
There is no more
Loneliness apologizes for its abrupt demanding transition
It’s become her healing catalyst now
He’s not her fiery enemy anymore
He’s now her renewal freedom from chains past scars
She embraces him now happy for the growth
From crippling death rattle
To newborn gulps of fresh life
Like fragrant rose petals
And tender young sprouts searching for their sunlight
Fresh and new and reborn
Loneliness isn’t so bad, she muses
He’s taught her how to breath again
And live.
Laying down in soft warm grass
She breathes in, and smiles.
Thank you, she whispers out into the air,
It’s over, she sleeps in that eternal wave of comfort
Not strangled by him anymore, but embracing, longing, loving.

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