Shush with all the ”you can make xx dollars in.…”

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I see 👏Every. 👏Single.👏 Day. on my socials about how much money a person can make. The simple fact is most people that start an online business fail, because they have no community, no mentor, and have fallen for the “hook”, but have not been given the information, and then given the solution to their problem. So they get frustrated, and then give up.

This is a “takes a village” type business, you need your people.

Let me say that, you can completely create a seven figure, or more doing this business. But if you do a deep five into those peoples business, you’ll find mentors, partners, and a community working together. (I’m currently searching my my people, when I get ready to launch.)

But STOP TALKNG ABOUT INCOME CLAIMS, for the love of milk and honey. Jeeze. It begins to come off and scammy, and impersonal. If you want to build a successful business, you have to nurture relationships with people, they have to trust you.

Stop focusing on MONEY. Start focusing on what you can provide for other people. Start focusing on what YOU can give them, so they can become successful.

Because when your clients are successful, you will be successful, guaranteed.

Peace ✌️


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