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Most people don’t think about the legality of starting a business, and the paperwork that goes along with it.

Which do you need? An LLC, an S Corp? It’s mind boggling, and something that I am going to have to do myself. And to be honest, I’ve been procrastinating. But I have a company that I partner with, to provide those answers that you have been asking yourself.

Northwest Registered Agent can help you decide what route to take. Click here to explore your options.

Do you know the difference between an S Corp, and an LLC and how it can affect your assets, and expenses. There is a difference, and in some cases, you can get more tax breaks, depending on your situation.

I’m pushing this, not only for myself, but I believe in todays world, we need to protect ourselves, our assets, and in the event of something happening to me, protect my family.

I’ll be adding another post on insurance protection, and the importance of having advance directives, living wills, trusts, ect.

Have a great week!



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