Over and done I’m tired

Over and done

Over and done

I am disappointed right now.  Not sure if it’s with myself, or fair of me to feel that way about someone else. I was blamed for putting someone down all the time…even when I just tried to talk. I did get angry and have stood up for myself and said bluntly what I thought about what was said and done, and I was told to fuck off.

I accused this person of not being happy, holding onto the past, and not being friendly when they didn’t get their way.  Of course that went over like a turd in a punch bowl.  

But what I am struggling with, is why I feel like I’ve been the bad guy, when I was verbally bashed, lied to and made to feel like the entire situation was my intentional doing. I get that I reacted under the influence of strong emotion…hurt…but I apologized for that.  I was asked over and over to “wait”, long story short.  I was told I was loved, but that this person had too many issues.  (Their words). So I waited.  But one day I woke up and realized that waiting for this person, is not what God wanted from me, so I told them such.  I told them that I couldn’t wait, that I couldn’t help them, when they didn’t even talk to me.  From that point on I have received nothing but put downs and the only type of response I have ever gotten, or even communication was filled with bitterness.  Why on earth do I feel like it’s my fault for their reaction?  That’s stupid.

Over and done. Thank goodness.

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