Dying man’s medical cannabis, seized from his hospital room, and given a court date.

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Dying man’s medical cannabis, seized from his hospital room, and given a court dates

I found out about this from a friend of mine. I will link the original article, posted in the Wichita Eagle HERE

So, in my opinion, this is fn’ ridiculous. Yes, I know opinions are like a$$holes, we’ve all got them.

According to the article, posted in the Wichita Eagle, a #DYING man’s medical cannabis, which was in paste form and a vape pen, was seized by LE, while he was in the hospital, waiting for his disease to kill him.

The medical grade cannabis, was taken from a man DYING and IN THE HOSPITAL, and a court date was set. (Which he more than likely won’t make, wonder if they’ll issue and FTA to a dead man.)

Let me be CLEAR, I am not against LE, I like them. They’ve always been there for me. This IS NOT a police bashing post, so don’t come in and start with me, you’ll lose, or be blocked.

I get the slight fire hazard part…but…

What I don’t get is our #OBVIOUS lack of humanity for a person trying to die without pain.

If anyone has any more facts about this case, please reach out. I don’t want to miss something important, and it’s 5 something in the morning, and I’m not functioning.

When is this insanity going to stop? Cannabis is a #PLANT, that has been used to zillions of years for many many illnesses, anxiety, depression, seizures, pain, sleep, inflammation.. I could go on and on.

Go check out US Pantent #6630507. That is our government owning the patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. What does that tell you? They have held the patent for years. This tells me that there are more monetary and control issues here. Not the well being of the human race. (Any words underlined are linked to trusted sources.)

To 69 year old Greg Bretz, I am sorry. I truly am. Prayers are with you and your family.

End the madness.


Dying man’s medical cannabis seized from his hospital
Photo by Alain Frechette on Pexels.com

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Hello Fresh
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It’s time for my girl to get some new kicks, and a new coat. Here’s what I’m looking at. I think I’ve narrowed it down to her #1 new boots, but still deciding on her new coat.

It’s time for my girl to get some new kicks, and a new coat. Here’s what I’m looking at. I think I’ve narrowed it down to her #1 new boots, but still deciding on her new coat.

Below the picture of her paw, are the boots I’m getting her, and her new coat. We are outside everyday, taking care of livestock, and she’s a short coated dog, so she needs something to help keep her warm. She has LONG fingers and LONG fingernails… I keep them trimmed, but because she’s so elegant with her feet, I can’t clip too short, or it will hurt, and bleed. Here’s a picture of her feet for reference.

New kicks new coat
You see they are long, but see the pink part? I cannot trim that, it’s consider the “quick”,

So here’s my choices, I’ll be purchasing these for for my girl. She deserves the best, being my retired service dog. She still performs tasks for me at home. She alerts ahead of time before I have an anxiety attack, and then if I happen to dissociate during that time, she will get in front of my face, if I don’t respond, then she licks my face, and puts her paw gently on my chest. She alerts to oncoming costochondritis flareups, before they happen, and she does DPT for me during painful fibromyalgia flareups. (You can click on any of the underlined words for a definition.)

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Above are my picks. I’ll be posting pictures once they get here.


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Struggling with depression, anxiety, symptoms of ptsd, really sucks. The cycle is exhausting..1,2,3

Anxiety and depression clipart, vintage
Struggling with depression, anxiety, symptoms of ptsd, really sucks. The cycle is exhausting.

I’ve talked about this before, but need to talk again, because I am struggling.

This past week has been basically uneventful, with weird sleep cycles, and constant morbid thoughts. Yesterday was a good day though, and I want to mention that I have good moments, and good days. It’s not all bad. It’s just the cycle that I have a hard time with.

For example, I spent Christmas Eve with family, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and it made me feel happy and very blessed. I have the best family, and love seeing and spending time with them. In my silly utopia of a world, we all live in a huge house, on a bunch of land, with our own separate “wings”. But I digress….

On the way home though, I felt it. That dark cloud that is always hovering in the corners, waiting to come out. It arrived this morning the minute I got out of bed. I busied myself taking care of things, making my dogs food, getting my horses food warmed, running a load of laundry, and running the dishwasher. I did all of this before I left the house at 6:30am.

I put myself out in nature because it makes me feel good. But I can’t stay out there right now because I don’t have the right equipment. (I’m working on that). So I got morning chores done and came home and it just sweeps in and overtakes me. I feel like crying. I know there is no reason for this…nothing has happened, it’s not situational. It’s just a cycle.

At my last med evaluation appointment, I spoke with her about medication. I have tried many many medications, and they either don’t work, work, then quit working, or I have an allergic or adverse reaction to them.

She gave me a current script for a med that I had taken years ago, but stopped because it didn’t seem to be doing anything, and I got it filled. But as I was opening the bottle to start taking it, I had a panic attack. I believe this was because this past summer, she prescribed me another medication, I took it, and ended up in the ER, with very high blood pressure, headache, and uncontrollable vomiting. So now I’m just afraid.. afraid to try another pharmaceutical. (That wasn’t the first time I’ve ended up in the ER with a reaction from a medication. I’ve learned to listen closely to what my body says.)

Here I am today, feeling the doom and gloom coming on. My therapist wants me to continue to writing… writing whatever I feel like. Poetry, fiction, journaling, whatever.. she wants me to keep doing it.

So I am.

Thanks for listening. ✌️ And please comment if you struggle as well, and what works for you. For me it’s one day at a time, sometimes one minute at at time.

I also want to say that I’m sharing this to my Twitter account, because I know that I have some followers that struggle as well, and I want them to know that they are not alone. 💜. I will not always share my posts there, because I mostly use it for my poetry. But this one hits home for me.


Struggling with Depression, anxiety, symptoms of ptsd, really sucks.
Photo by Zachary DeBottis on Pexels.com

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American Mustang Vivre la vie

American Mustang Vivre la vie

Soft breath

Flutter on my face

A warmth


Wind whips by

Leaving me with your scent

Woodsy, sweet and earthy.

You’re gone

But just for a moment

I see you up on high,

So proud and strong.

I hear your voice

Reassuring me that you’re still around.

Then gone again, to be free

To be loved

To love

As it should be,

Always free.

Poetry, writing©️shassyswalkabout.com

Dedicated to the remaining wild and free mustangs, and those that are trying so very hard to let them stay that way, and out of the slaughter pipeline, where they are inhumanly, and brutally, painfully, killed.

Pass the Safe Act.


UPDATE:Vagus Nerve. I saw a video about resetting the vagus nerve, and thought I’d think out-loud via a blog. The vegus nerve runs from top to bottom throughout your body.

picture of magic garden from fairy tales
Update: Vagus nerve. I saw a video about resetting the vagus nerve, and thought I’d think out-loud via a blog. The vagus nerve runs from top to bottom throughout your body.

**Sorry this took so long, I’ve been running twelve different directions, and reading a lot. I’ve tried to condense this down to be a shorter read, with links to some of the information I have read.**

What is the vegus nerve? It is one of 12 cranial nerves that run throughout your body, and it affects both motor and sensory functions. It helps control digestion, heart rate, breathing, cardiovascular activity and reflex reactions such as sneezing. It comes from the Latin word “wandering” because it basically wanders from top to bottom throughout your body. It helps regulate your immune system, helps control the fight or flight response, inflammation in response to disease.

“It has four main functions: sensory, special sensory, motor and parasympathetic.” (Cited from this trusted source). It has a back and front (dorsal and ventral). Cues are activated along these during neuroception during times of safety, or times of, what you may perceive as danger. Safety cues are activated through the ventral, and danger cues are activated through the dorsal side.

“According to the Polyvagal theory, the vagus nerve is the key phylogenetic substrate that supports efficient emotion recognition for promoting safety and survival. Previous studies showed that the vagus nerve affects people’s ability to recognize emotions based on eye regions and whole facial images, but not static bodies. “ (Cited from this trusted source.)

The vegus nerve can get out of whack, to explain it easily. It’s the longest cranial nerve running from the base of the brain, down to the colon. Damage to the vegus nerve can affect cardio function, or anything else that it helps to regulate. There’s a lot of other info via this trusted source, if you would like to read more from that publication.


So as I’m reading all of this, and researching, what I’m understanding is this. If you ever get a gut feeling, your vagus nerve is involved, if you are ever in a traumatic situation, your vagus nerve is deciding which emotion, or feeling is going to be sent to the brain. In my case, I had a home invasion. During the actual event, I was feeling anxiety and fear. How this affects my diagnosis of ptsd, I believe is relevant. The brain tells the body what to do, but the body has built in survival mechanisms…one being this cranial nerve. But it’s been years since the home invasion….so is my vagus nerve still reacting? I believe the answer is yes. In the moment, the body defaults to survive. But the brain remembers the trauma, and it’s chemical makeup in changed after trauma. So during times when I have episodes of flashbacks, or anxiety, I believe the brain sends fight or flight signals to the vagus nerve, which can then cause physical manifestations of the original trauma. Elevated heart rate, nausea, rapid thoughts.

This also applies to a persons ability to empathetic. Good things come from the vagus nerve.

“However, sometimes we do not receive this care and love in our relationships. Relational trauma impair our trust in others and, like all traumatic events is held in the body and is often maintained as dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is the part of your nervous system that manages how you respond to stress. In addition, the ANS also helps you to find healthy relaxation into a felt experience of safety. All of this is directly related to the tone and health of your vagus nerve.” (Cited directly from this trusted source from Dr. Arielle Schwartz.)

So now that I’ve done this research, in layman’s terms, this cranial nerve can directly impact your emotion, physical well being, and correlate happy and sad events. Traumatic events, being in love, how we are going to respond, if we have symptoms of ptsd, ect. So that can explain my question to myself, below, can trauma, ect cause damage. Yes it can. It rewires things sometimes.

How can we repair our vagus nerve. I’m including a link here to explain all of that. Alternating nasal breathing, going out in nature. (I do this, it works), changing your diet to unprocessed Whole Foods. (Here’s a link to start changing your diet). I have changed my diet, to nothing processed. Nothing. Processed foods make me feel bad, and cause autoimmune flare ups for me.

In answer to this question: YES. ➡️What I’m wondering, is can trauma; be it physical, mental, emotional etc., cause damage, and exacerbate existing mental health issues, by causing small injuries to the vagus nerve. Obviously physical damage can do that.. car wreck, a fall. Can a person who has undiagnosed autoimmune, personality disorder, or any other mental health disorder become more symptomatic if the vegus nerve is damaged and goes undetected? Or are a lot of those caused from a damaged vegus nerve?

I’m probably overthinking it…but I’m going to do some research. I already know that people with the MTHFR polymorphism, can be affected by the bodies inability to absorb other nutrients, thus causing more issues. It can also lead to early onset Alzheimers. I’m just wondering how and IF it’s affected me and my diagnoses.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts. Lol


Vegus nerve
Photo by Alexander Ant on Pexels.com

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What does your morning look like?

Me and My Girl Zoey
What does your morning look like? I thought I’d share an hours worth of morning chores, squished down into a minute.

This brings me joy, peace and happiness. Cold or not, we are always together .

Want to heal your soul? Go outside and spend some time in nature, ground yourself.

Suicide Prevention

gray scale photo of man covering face with his hands
Suicide prevention

I recently became aware of someone that I know, who has been struggling with addiction and mental health issues. This is close to my heart.

I have struggled my entire life with depression and suicidal thoughts. (Since the age of 9). This is close to my heart, because I have made it through the rough parts. But not without work and many failings and falling down.

When I found out about this person, I wrote a poem for him. He is no longer with us, and I wish I had paid closer attention, because I KNEW there was something going on behind the scenes. I saw it in his eyes. Lesson learned, I’m going to ask, friend, or foe, if I see something. If they reject, then Ok, but at least I tried.

Below is the link to the poem I wrote. I have a couple of sites, and try to publish poetry, writing etc, on two major sources, here and Medium.

Rest In Peace.

Please click the picture to read the poem. It’s a safe link, I will never post a link that is unsafe.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, call someone for help, or text 988.


suicide prevention
Photo by Elīna Arāja on Pexels.com

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