Still working on research on the vegus nerve (1 of 12 cranial nerves in the body)and how it affects the body’s overall functions, and homeostasis, but I wanted to share this item I’ve been testing.

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Still working on research on the vegus nerve and how it affects the body’s overall functions, and homeostasis, but I wanted to share this item I’ve been testing.

I’m researching more on the vegus nerve. Finding out a lot that I didn’t know, and missed when I couldn’t finish my nursing degree, after life pulled the rug out from under me. But I digress. I purchased this item, a few weeks ago, and wanted to give it all my wrath and test it out completely. Let me preface this with when I quit covering my grey, and it started to grow out, it became the wild woman of Borneo look.

My silver hair, which I love, is thicker, more course, and curly! I used to wash my hair, comb it, and just let it do it’s thing. Not anymore. If I want to embrace my waves I have to put product in it, and although I love the way it looks, I don’t like the way it feels. So I searched for an alternate.

I use argon oil in my hair, because the transition part of going grey seemed to make my hair feel brittle. I wanted a way to tame down the Medusa look, without feeling like I was ruining my hair.

Enter stage left Remington Shine Therapy heated straightening brush. This little gem has three heat settings and as long as you don’t stick your fingers on the argon oil infused heated parts, I’ve not an one issue with it not doing it’s job. I can turn it on, give it a couple of minutes to heat up, and gently run it through my hair, and it smooths all the crazy right out. I love it.

(Click on the image to get the deets. Love these products. And the overtone makes my hair smell like mint and flowers.)

I’m going to do a video and show you how it works. Just haven’t gotten that far yet.
Conditioning blue hair 

Still working on research

Oh, and here’s a publication about the benefits of argon oil, and what I use on my hair and a picture of the back of my head, showing what it looks like. I put a conditioning color in my hair, in the color of blue… I figure I’m a blue hair, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

More on the vegus nerve coming this week.



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