Product of the week, Humble Collective Pet CBD oil at 40% discount. They can do bulk orders as well. I love this company.

Product of the week, Humble Collective Pet CBD oil at 40% discount. They can do bulk orders as well.

Y’all know I love my Humble Collective products. So I wanted to share the product of the week with you… albeit a couple days late… but better late than never, right?

This is a great product, no additives, all natural, hemp based product for your pets. (I give my pets their product.). It’s vegan and organic.

The ingredients are organic MCT coconut oil, and full spectrum hemp extract. That’s it! No fillers, additives or any other junk you don’t want for your pets.

Speaking of junk, have you ever looked at the ingredients in your dog food? No? Well, if you have a dog, go check out the ingredient list, and tell me how many words you understand, and if you would eat it. My theory, after going through a rocky past two months with Zoey developing serious allergies, is that if I won’t eat it, then I’m not going to feed it to my girl. Yes, I know that dogs are different, but don’t you wonder why some dogs develop allergies? Get sick?

I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of months about stuff like that. Sure, if Zoey was in the wild, she’d be eating whatever she could catch, but she’s not, she’s domesticated and relies on me to do right by her.

During the onset of the problems, she started vomiting…. Like projectile vomiting. Dogs and cats throw up, we all know this. But this was different, I could tell. So I rushed her to the vet, he checked her over and we did a round of antibiotics, just in case, some zofran, and a dewormer. She didn’t have worms, I watched diligently. But the problem didn’t stop. It slowed down for a short time, but if I didn’t give her a zofran, she would be sick. She was showing classic signs of allergy…eyes, nose, lips and tummy were red and swollen. These symptoms went away when I gave her a Benadryl.

I hadn’t changed her food, and wasn’t feeding a cheap dog food. One night she was laying on the bed, and her heart was beating so hard, it was shaking my bed. I knew there was something going on, and it was causing her cardiac distress.

So I talked with a friend, and did a 24 hour fast, and started adding in one food at a time to see how she would react. Long story, not as long…she was allergic to chicken, anything chicken related, eggs, salmon, anything with wheat and oats. I gave her some scrambled egg mixed with pumpkin, and after about an hour, she threw up JUST the egg… no pumpkin, and showed signs off allergy in her face again. Same thing happened with chicken, bread, oatmeal….all things she could eat before on a limited basis. (Think giving your dog a snack of what you are eating… not a lot).

So basically, now I make her food. She does ok with organic grass fed hamburger, cooked with veggies. But if she gets into something at the ranch that she’s not supposed to, like all dogs do, she will throw it up. There’s different information out there about dogs eating legumes, and peas. So if you choose to make your dogs good, you’ll have to decide what you want to do there. Zoey eats peas and beans that I have cooked mixed in with her veggies. Garbanzo beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes. She does well on them.

When we started getting to the end of these last couple of months, I notice she looked like she was losing weight, but it was really fluid. She was retaining fluid like crazy, which is what caused me to notice her heart beating so hard.

I’ve also noticed her urination is much better. It was a close call in my opinion. I’m hoping there wasn’t any damage done, and that there’s no other issues. Her vet ran bloodwork, and said that it was all good, and there was no evidence of disease halfway through this ordeal. I wanted her checked just in case before I started figuring out what kinds of foods she could eat.

The dog food that I was feeding is a good brand and showed 4 stars on Dogfoodadviser. (Click the underlined words to check your dog food and see how it rates.) But the list of ingredients still included fillers and words I couldn’t pronounce.

Anyway, back to Humble Collective Pet CBD. You don’t have to worry about any of the additives or words you can’t describe. The Humble group is a sustainable, homegrown, amazing company and I can’t say enough good things about them. You can click on the underlined words to check out their site. I’ll do another post on another product in a couple of days. I love them. If I lived in Michigan, I would for sure be trying to be in their store everyday. 😁

Here’s my girl just because I love that face!

Humpy hap day!


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Product of the week

Product of the week. Dog Food Advisor. Product of the week. Dilated Cardio Myopathy. Product of the week.

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