A winter wonderland. Beautiful

A winter wonderland. Beautiful

Yesterday we had a winter storm roll in. It was the kind of snowfall that was heavy with big fat flakes. There was no wind, and it was amazingly quiet to walk through.

I love those kinds of snow storms. It calms me. I don’t know if it stirs up memories from my childhood, or if it’s just the awesomeness of nature that quiets my anxious heart.

Zoey and I took a ride on the gator around the property just taking it all in. Other than the sound of the engine, it was still and quiet.

Winter wonderland

Zoey doesn’t really like her new boots, but she knows they help protect her paws.

I will forever be in awe of the ability for nature to change and transform. I wish more humans would leave nature be, but that’s not the case. I can’t say that I wouldn’t enjoy a little place where I could grow my own food, and have a save to place escape. It’s coming. You can be guaranteed of that.

Nature grounds me. If I’m feeling anxious, depressed, having ptsd flashbacks, serious MDD symptoms, I can always put myself out in the woods, or stick my fee in the dirt, and it calms me.

The world around me, that has traumatized me, just stops.

I’m doing more of that.


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