Remembering the soft flutters of her heart when she saw you.

Childlike giddiness, and sweet blushing cheek.

Life was innocent, sweet, unfurrowed and soft blue.

Like the skies above, with whimsical clouds, so meek.

They had love and tenderness,

Even if just for a while.

When you arrived emotion would swoon, and she would glow within your smile.

This is how she wants to cherish you;

With memories sweet and kind.

Not with brash brush strokes,

Like a wanted criminal nailed to a pine.

Only with gentle kisses and soft words spoken with truth.

Before entanglements entwined entrapped and ensued.

Bringing sweet innocence crashing down and defused.

Thank you for teaching her what love is to feel.

She’ll always remember you as her first one to see,

How hearts can feel and love and simply breath.

Beats come fast and hard now as her heart is confused.

Life brings a mix of red, black and green hues.

Rarely does the soft whimsical breeze, sweet memories ring true.

But she holds in her heart; seals it tight and safe keeps,

Her love from a wood, with the scent of kind gentleness.

And removes the harsh colors that have been trying to steal,

Her memory of her heart in love.

She must keep it real.

Her mind and emotion are constantly in opposition.

With life lessons knocking in such supposition.

But in those warm spring days when she sits in the grass,

Enjoying the leaves and soft nickering lass,

She lays back in the sun, and smells the sweet wood,

Remembering her love as always she should.

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash


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