Now I lay

Now I lay

“Under the night sky, the wind is chill. I’ve turned this jalopy and bent her to my will. But she holds me safely, with not a budge to her name. Even though I’ve stripped her all the same. She’ll never complain, and basks with delight. For the adventures await, and she shows no fright. Old as she be, there’s not a hitch in her step, onward and upward she says, I will not be kept!!” ©️

A little diddy I wrote for my Daenerys. My old Jeep that I have halfway finfished turning into a mini camper… I’ve got all the seats out, a platform build for the bed, recycled a junk desk from Walmart and a spot for the Zoester. It’s enough for us to sleep out under the stars. Though it’s freezing outside at the moment… 🤣

Oh… and I’m not a carpenter… my wood work is ragtag, but it works! I’ll fix and decorate more after I get finished. Nothing has given way yet! Haha… I’ll take a video tomorrow to share.

But right now I’ve got power, and warmth, and my girls (Sadie standing by as well). Simba will come too after I get his area situated.

Also… that little solar generator? It’s still going. Five days now. I haven’t been using it non stop, just when I need my small electronics charged. I’m impressed thus far!



2 thoughts on “Now I lay

  1. Michelle McCaigue says:

    Hi there. I just thought I’d write, we have a bit in common, and wanted to express my sincere sympathy for the time lost without ur brother, I just lost my brother due to a pedestrian – drunk driver car accident this past August. He was the pedestrian .I miss my brother and think about him often, I had to make the decision to pull him off life support and it was traumatic for me, I often wonder if I made the right choice. I do wish you all the best and pray ur bro would contact you soon! Keep your head up and stay close to god. His Bible is truth and the best way towards healing and understanding.


    • Thank you for sharing, and your kind words. I am so sorry you had to make that choice, it can’t be an easy one. I agree, and have a strong faith. Keep the faith! Like you said God provides what we need. Hugs


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