UPDATE: Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate, here’s what I’ve learned.

Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate…10/10 delish

Update: I have been mixing this into my morning protein shake. If it’s warmer out, I don’t want something hot.

Then I did an experiment on myself…as I occasionally do, I “test” my body, so I can note how things may or may not change after trying a new product. I did that test with this product.

I quit taking it for approximately two weeks, to see how I felt. (If you follow me you know that I have autoimmune disease, and mental health diagnoses.).

What I noticed after about 4 days without this product:

  • Increased body pain, specifically in my joints.
  • Increased anxiety
  • Bowel “differences”… I’ll just leave it at that.. I think you get the drift…(lets just say it was worse, and not consistent.)
  • Increased mental fog
  • Increased depression

These are just my experiences. But it’s convinced me that natural plants and products DO help me.

Pain is a life killer for me. So if I can get relief the natural way, and not have to turn to my pharma, you can bet your booty I will.

You can get your own HERE. (You’ll also get a $10 coupon via this link)

(Click any picture or underlined word to go to the site. )

Medicinal mushroom

I ordered the Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate mix from my favorite store, The Humble Collective CBD. Mixed it up and tried it for the first time this morning. All I can say is yummy! I did add raw sugar and my collagen supplement, which is flavorless. (It can be added to anything, soup, drinks, prepared food.. whatever you want.).

UPDATE: Medicinal Mushroom Hot Chocolate, here’s what I’ve learned.

Here’s the kicker, the medicinal mushrooms in the mix. They are as follows:

  • Ingredients: Raw Cocao Powder*, Ground Ceylon Cinnamon*, Ground Nutmeg*, Ground Reishi*, Ground Lions Mane*, Ground Shitake*, CBD Isolate.

Here are the benefits of the mushrooms…cited directly from Humble Collective’s site.

“Reishi- known to be an incredible immune booster, energy booster, and mood booster. It is high in antioxidants and can improve heart health and support blood sugar control. 

Lion’s Mane- known to stimulate brain cell growth, reduce symptoms of anxiety/depression, stimulates the growth and repair of nerve cells, reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and supports heart health. 

Shitake- known to help fight weight gain and fat deposition, boost energy and brain function, support the immune system, promote skin health, and help heal chromosome damage. 

Here’s another sources about the benefits of mushrooms. (Cited directly from HC’s site)

Humble Collective sources their Hot Chocolate from Roots to Remedies. This mix contains 10 mg of CBD isolate as well, there is no THC in this hot chocolate.

Here’s a quick video of what I used… Unsweetened organic almond milk, raw turbinado cane sugar, collagen supplement, and mushroom cocoa mix.

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