Move Me Poetry Battle submission, 7 April 23

This weeks Move me Poetry Battle prompt was “Confrontation”.

I read the prompt words last night and wrote something, but it doesn’t fit within the parameters this week.

But here it is.

‘Is is peace we seek
From quiet words we speak.
Or is it an amalgamation
For confrontation.
Are our words
Meant to scorge
Or is it the way we were forged.
Do we really know any better?
From the formation of letters,
How they resign
Within another’s mind.
We should seek that understanding lest our words
Be too demanding.
Not all feel free within the words.
Choose wisely what you speak,
For many are far from weak.”

Hope you enjoy! Join me on any of my other socials via this link if you’d like. My poetry is also published on Medium.




Secrets Of Tea Beyond Weight Management

Secrets of Tea, Move Me Poetry Battle submission 7 Apr 23, Confrontation, weak, speak

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