Quick solar generator update, #2


Soooo…. Update #2….I’ve been using this in my #jeepminicamper for about 6 weeks, and all I can say is…perfect!

It’s only a 300 watt unit, but it powers all of my stuff… tablet for when I watch tv, or write or blog, phone, fan, portable electric oven, and lights. I still have power by morning.

I plan on getting a 600 watt from the same company. I’ll be adding a refrigerator, and will need more power.

Quick solar generator update, #1

This far this little bundle of energy is exceeding my expectations. I’m going to camp out and use it all night, and see how it goes.

Pretty happy with it so far. Like I mentioned before, it’s not fancy, but has everything that I need for power.

I always try to do as much research on things like this before I purchase anything. This is not a name brand, but does all that is needed for power. I’m not running anything with higher wattage, as it is a 300w generator. But anything under that, will work.

This is the one I’m using. Made by Ctechi.

More later!



generator update
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Keywords: solar generator, solar power, Ctechi, offgrid

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