A poem called “Refrain”. Published 16 April 23, via Medium.

Don’t do it, get back

Steal those memories into a small sealed crack.

Leave them there, where they belong,

Not with me anymore, but forgotten like an old song…

A song that squeaks back though, like from a rickety untuned piano.

Crawls in through the back door,

When you’re not looking…Then brings in more.

Sounds that rumble, stirring up those flashes…

Catching my breath and panic rehashes…

From scenes thought long buried

Nope, here they come again…I’m hurried.

One step, two steps… inhale to four.

Three steps, four steps, hold it… just a few more.

Five steps, six steps, exhale it to eight,


Untouched photo I took of the sunset. Photo by

Keywords: poetry, refrain, flashbacks, coping skills

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