A Poem about lilly livered, lolly gagging dimwits. (Not the man and the dog in the picture.. they are in the right.)

This poem is for my friend Mike and his faithful, gentle, dog, Edge.

There once was a man who scaled a wall,

To enter where he wasn’t wanted, no, not at all.

Upon landing so grievously onto the ground,

To his surprise, was a faithful hound.

No, this hound is not a monster…

The trespasser was steely, and did not have permission…

So the hound only served him his rightful supposition.

The man in his wrongs

Lashed out and filed a complaint.

In a country more backwards than a three legged taint.

You may think my words are brash and bemused.

But the truth is the hound was right and in his refuse…

He still got punished for protecting his fare

And now will forever live with

One man’s disrepair.

For Edge and Mike.


Keywords: Mike, Edge, Australia, bemused, refuse, dimwits, lilly livered, lolly gagging, poetry, three legged taint.

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