It’s been rough. 14 days of cycling, I’m tired.

These past couple of weeks have been rough. Fatigue coming out of a down cycle is real. One day at a time is all I’ve been able to do. I’m barely putting up content on my social media, but I’ve managed to keep up with that. Today I feel like I haven’t slept in a week, though I am getting at least 4 hours a night. Sometimes 5 if I go jeep camping. For some reason I sleep better when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Go figure.

On Friday, Martin, one of our cats was stuck in the pool. This year was a maintenance year, so the pool was completely drained after the winter, and someone was hired to come in and sandblast and repaint it. The pool is sloped, and it was super slick, and Martin and all of his 9 cat lives, decided to go investigate. He got in, and down to the bottom, but couldn’t get back up because he couldn’t get traction. I took a video of it…I got him out and you can see that he was very thankful. 💜

It’s been rough. 14 days of cycling. I’m tired.

He was a happy camper. The pool is full now no we don’t have to worry about curious kitties going for a slide.

My second grand baby is due in about a week. I’m so excited. A little boy, they already have his name picked out and are ready for him to be here. I’m still in awe that my first grandson is already in kindergarten. Time goes so fast.

Today is a food prep day. If you follow me, you know that last November my dog, Zoey, started having what turned out to be an allergic reaction to almost everything. Through trial and error and an elimination diet, I’ve found that she’s specifically allergic to a certain type of protein. I’m still researching, but whatever is in any type of meat, or meat by products, she’s allergic to. She can only have minimal meat. It’s also caused her body to reject anything that has anything to do with wheat, corn, soy, rice, salmon, eggs…basically everything that is in even limited ingredient dog food. So I make her food.

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I was looking at some videos from last summer and she “looked” like she had extra fat on her. But I found out it was fluid retention. I watched her lay on the bed one night during the beginning phase of this, and her heart was beating so hard, it was shaking my king size bed. I knew something was going on….so when I fasted her, and let her body clear out all of what it was reacting to, she was able to get rid of all the excess fluid. I remember her not having much stamina, and her breathing was labored and she got tired quickly. I think she’s doing ok now, but she has zero fat on her. She’s my girl, so there’s nothing I won’t do for her.

Moods…the ups and downs. I use a mood tracker called Daylio. I’ve been using it for quite a few years, and it will put into a visual your moods, in graph form so you can see what’s going on. By month, day, or year. It’s been very helpful for me to process when I’m up or feel a downward spiral coming on.

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I also have crisis on speed dial, and a list of things to do when it gets bad. I’ve set these in place with my therapist.

Anywho, happy Monday. When I said my prayers this morning I prayed for positivity and protection for my family and friends.

More later… I have some great videos to share. And please subscribe, like, follow and share. It really helps me out. I’m building this online presence organically, as I can’t afford to pay for ads… not even sure if I would do that.. but maybe…for the products that I use to save my life.

Please don’t forget that you are not alone if you are struggling. Text 988 for immediate help, or reach out to me or someone you are close to. Mental health needs to be destigmatized in this country.



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