So, today I have another blistering headache.  Well, not as blistering as the one yesterday, so that’s good.  My phone got shut off, and lost.  In that order.  So I have my old phone, but no money to pay for it.  I can’t work nights anymore, which I already knew, so I have to go talk to the administrator tomorrow at two to see what she has to say.  I’m a little concerned about that, given that I have to give her a copy of my psych records.  Not real proud of that, and I really don’t want anyone other than my shrink to see it, but not sure what I can do about that.

Was thinking about my hospital stay and how fun that was.  The first night all I did was cry.  I didn’t talk to anyone, just layed in my bed and cried.  The second night was a little better, but I snuck my laptop and kindle into my room, and I had my phone, so I was in touch with people.  Which helped a lot.  Oh, and I got to use my own bathroom.  Big deal I guess.  Evidently someone has tried suicide by toilet drowning.  I don’t like feeling like I’m confined or in jail, and that was kinda what it felt like.

Anyway…watching Californication right now, before they shut my internet off.


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