NaNoWriMo 50k Words during November

NaNoWriMo 50k words during November

NaNoWriMo writing poetry
NaNoWriMo poetry writing 50k words

During the month of November, I am participating in a writing challenge through the non profit called NaNoWriMo. (See link for more info).

This is a challenge where you can network with other writers, the general public, or completely keep your writing private. It runs until the end of November, and the challenge is to write at least 50,000 words. That’s 50k.

I’m at a little over 10k right now.

If you divide it up, it’s writing approximately 2000 words a day. That’s easy to do if you can get in your zone.

Let me know what you think. 😊

If you don’t see much of me on here, that’s why. I’m in my mojo and writing, though I will try to check in and share my progress.



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Who are you?

text cutouts on a dotted background

Who are you?

Good afternoon people of the interwebs.

I have shared in my previous posts that I started an online business at the beginning of 2022.

What a ride it has been. I have learned so much about digital marketing, social media marketing, making content, and I continue to learn new things everyday!

I made a video and posted it to Facebook reels, showcasing a flashlight that I own, and shared a link for others to purchase. (It’s a great flashlight, I’ll include the video here)…

Anyway, my reel has gotten over 40,000 views. Crazy right?

But I’m missing something. I missing YOU.

So this post is just to ask for you to subscribe to my blog, and socials. I’ve included my mail poet subscription form below. Thank you for your support. It really does mean everything to me as I build this business and get myself out of poverty. You can search my archives for more personal posts, and why I decided to do this. Also here’s my facebook page.

Here’s my professional services Facebook page link.

You can also check out my Instagram here, I have paid partnerships with companies there as well.

Who are you?

1 Short video on how to creat a website on Wix. Cool beginner friendly

black flat screen computer monitor

Short video on how to create a website on Wix.

Alternatively if you would like one on one help with your website creation, please join my private group where I can help you on a more personal level. HERES THE LINK TO JOIN.

Also, if you would like to learn the other ways I’m making money online, CLICK HERE. (You will be taken to my page that explains the Brambila Method, click that link to get started right away!) These methods are proven to work as they have and are working for me.

Short video
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NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

portrait of a woman in sunglasses and black clothing

Clothing for every woman

Clothing for every woman. From formal wear, to casual shorts, sustainable clothing, beautiful dressses for causual or formal wear. I’m sharing a few different women’s clothing companies here.

Clothing for every woman #1
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You can click on any of the red words or pictures to look at more options. NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

Loose 3 Pieces Mother of the Bride Pantsuits

Loose 3 Pieces Mother of the Bride Pantsuits [More]

Price: $257.18
Sale: $146.05

Here’s a cool long sleeve asymetrical comfy piece.

NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

Long Sleeve Lace-Up Asymmetrical Womens Ma…

Long Sleeve Lace-Up Asymmetrical Women’s Maxi Dress [More]

Price: $78.56
Sale: $44.31

Check out this CUTE dress! I’m gonna have to order myself one, and let me tell you, I AM not a dressy dress gal.. I’m more of a t-shirt and jeans person, but this is cute! So much NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

African Fashion Round Neck Flare Sleeve As…

African Fashion Round Neck Flare Sleeve Asymmetric Women’s Day Dress [More]

Price: $41.88
Sale: $24.21

Demin meet diamonds…at Dana Rebecca, everyday luxury is totally achievable. This is a female-owned small business, they believe in empowering women to buy their own jewelry. Who says you need a man to buy you diamonds? Get out there and buy your own self exactly what you want, and wear it with honor. You deserve to have it all, which is why you’ll never have to pick between high quality and attainable prices with this company. Check out these products, click on any picture or colored word to see more products. More NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

Julianne Himiko Star Necklace (Yellow Gold…

We’re seeing stars! Our Julianne Himiko gold and diamond star necklace is what celestia… [More]

Price: $355.00

Julianne Himiko, Sylvie Rose, Jennifer Yamina are some of the talented designers for this high end jewelry. Seriously, treat yourself. You won’t regret it. NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

August 8-11 Sale! Mark your calendar.

Two Days Only! Buy More Than 2 Earrings and Receive 10% Off at Dana Rebecca Designs!

Summer sale at Dana Rebecca… these are beautiful!

NEW clothing for every woman #1 with sustainability.

Summer Swag Bundle

There is also a 15% Site wide sale.

Dana Rebecca Designs' Annual Anniversary Sale Is Here! Get 15% Off SITEWIDE Until May 23, 2022!

More TB Dresses. Check out these coupons.

Scoop Sleeveless Knee-Length Split Summer …

Scoop Sleeveless Knee-Length Split Summer Women’s Sheath Dress [More]

Price: $30.82
Sale: $18.98
V-Neck Lace Short Sleeve Womens Blouse

V-Neck Lace Short Sleeve Women’s Blouse [More]

Price: $40.91
Sale: $24.40

Wear Good…how you can shop for clothing that is good for the environment. At Wear Good, their mission and beliefs are that we shouldn’t have to compromise the health of our only home or systematically birth, imprison, and sacrifice millions of animals a day to produce beautiful pieces. They believe that all destined for better. It is their mission to bring change from within by empowering people with better options, and better choices, so that we may create a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Wear Good believes in compassion. Compassion for all things living, and future generations of the planet.

Thus, as a prime directive, Wear Good seeks to expand compassion by ensuring every piece we carry is animal-free, has utilized fair labor, and was made according to their Sustainability Standard. Visit their website to see their Sustainability Standard.

Poppy Midi Dress, Black

POPPY is a loose fitting linen summer dress with a square neckline. Wear this with your… [More]

Price: $119.00
Sustainability is Sexy T-Shirt, White

Dressed to a (sustainable) tee. This perfect tee has a loose, boxy shape and scoop neck… [More]

Price: $52.00
Thalia Shorts, Black Organic Rib

Super soft, super sustainable. You’ll want to live in these high rise comfy shorts that… [More]

Price: $65.00

Sanctuary Clothing was founded in 1997 in Los Angeles by, Ken and Deb Polanco. With over 20 years of experience, Sanctuary has grown from exceptional pant makers into a full women’s collection. Each collection captures the laid-back aesthetic of California, and the attitude of New York, along with the adventurous spirit of the world to inspire and guide women in any style. I love the simplicity and style of this clothing designer. They have everything, pants, shirts, capris, in all sizes. Click on any of the pictures, or HERE.

Day Trip Pull On Jogger Black / XS

Easy pull on crepe jogger, a new must have from our surplus collection. The Day Trip Pu… [More]

Price: $89.00
Value Nature Tee Love Camo / L

Make a statement in our new Value Nature Tee. Crafted in our most popular camo fabricat… [More]

Price: $54.00
Steady Boyfriend Shirt Cherry Blossom / L

The Steady Boyfriend Shirt is Sanctuary’s quintessential piece. The versatile modern to… [More]

Price: $79.00
Everyday Midi Skirt Modern Spots / XL

Brimming with bold prints in relaxed boho styles. The Everyday Midi Skirt is for those … [More]

Price: $79.00
Explorer Patch Pocket Crop Pant Washed Peb…

A new take on our Peace Crop Chino the Explorer Patch Pocket Crop Pant is sure to be yo… [More]

Price: $99.00
Lou Tie Tee Black / XS

The Lou Tie Tee is the perfect shirt for when you are on the go. The tie front gives th… [More]

Price: $49.00
Table of Contents:

11.Click here to go straight to Dana Rebecca
2.Click here to go straight to Sanctuary Clothing
3.Click here to go straight to Wear Good
4.Click here to go to TBDress

As always, reach out with comments or questions. Let me know what you bought!



Here’s an example of a Fiverr gig #1. YES! Passionate about writing?

Here’s an example of a Fiverr gig.

Here’s an example of a Fiverr gig. I have three gigs on Fiverr. This is my graphic for one of them. Fiverr gig graphic
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Here’s an example of a Fiverr gig.

Fiverr is just one of the platforms that you can earn money, without spending it. The only thing you’ll need is time, and a passion for making money online.

Passionate about writing? You should really check out Fiverr and the following platforms.

Upwork, Legiit, Contra and Fiverr are four ways you can sell your talents.

What are you good at? Think about that for a minute. Because I bet you could get others to pay you for what you’re already doing. Do you like to crochet? Create a short tutorial on crocheting and post it on YouTube. How about coloring? Create a coloring book and sell it online across your platforms.

Are you interested in being a ghost writer? Yep, you can do that on Fiverr.

Are you good and building websites? Yep, you guessed it, someone witll pay you to build their websites. What about writing Amazon listings? I have a friend that has made thousands of dollars writing Amazon listings. You can design other peoples business cards, find products for them to sell, and then sell them the list of high converting items.


The sky is the limit. There’s are thousands of people that would rather pay someone to do something for them, and if you have what they need, you can market that. Your skills are your niche.

Interested in Fiverr? You can click this link and create your own account, and start sharing your gigs.

If you haven’t heard of Alex Faluso… then you should go research her. I’ve linked an article about her on how she’s made over $378,000 on Fiverr and completely transformed her life. It works folks. (Click any of the red words to reference the article).

When I say you can literally create and sell your talents, I’m serious. There is a platform for EVERYTHING.

Check out the Brambila Method to learn how to do this. There are tuturials, and testimonies and how and WHY you should use these methods if you are serious about starting an online business. These methods are how Adrian Brambila made over a million dollars living IN HIS VAN last year. I sh*t you not. 😁

I’m telling you that it works. I’m generating income using these methods, and will have freedom from the government. (I am on disability, for those who don’t know, and it limits you on what you can do financially.)

As always, reach out or comment with questions.



#1 Veteran Owned Medical Company.

close up photo of a stethoscope

#1Veteran owned medical company.

#1Veteran owned medical company, Mountainside Medical Equipment Company.

Veteran owned medical company
Photo by CDC on

This is a veteran owned medical equipment company.

Mountainside Medical Equipment Company is a veteran owned medical equipment company founded in 2002. Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc is a certified service disabled veteran-owned small business. They are a medical supplies and equipment supply chain wholesaler to nursing homes, healthcare facilities, physicians, and government organizations since 2002. They have leveraged agreements with hundreds of medical manufactures to offer low-cost, comprehensive solutions to a global healthcare market.

Their pain relief products contain natural ingredients that are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that help treat pain at the source. They work differently than other topical gels. It doesn’t just numb the pain, it treats the inflammation causing the chronic pain.

If you are looking for Covid supplies, IV irrigation and injection, hand sanitizers, pain relief, oral care, skin care, medical supplies, medical equipment, check out what they have to offer here.

As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m also watching the A&E show Intervention. Mountainside offers Naloxone for overdose reversal. If you know anything about addiction and the problems this country is facing with that, then you’ll understand how important an overdose reversal medication can be. Click here to see more details on Naloxone.

If you are a nurse, or in the medical field as a public servant, Mountainside offers a lot of products so you can do your job. You can click here to check out what they have to offer.

10,000 Medical Products In Stock - Surgical / Equipment /Pharmacutical

They have a HUGE selection of medical supplies.

In my previous life, prior to becoming disabled, I worked in the nursing industry. So these types of things were very important, and needed to work properly and be on hand when I needed them.

I’m sharing this company because I have to advocate for myself a lot for my medical situations. I take my own blood pressure, watch my pulse rate (via my smart watch) and it’s important for me to be able to understand and handle what’s going on with my body. I believe the more information a person can have, the better prepared they are to deal with whatever life has to throw at them.



Canva, your one stop creative hub.

Canva, your one stop creative hub.

I use Canva for EVERYTHING.

I’m currently working on a short story that will be available for download, and I’m doing it in Canva.

Need a t-shirt logo? Make it on Canva. Want to make a Facebook ad? You can create it on Canva. It has preset templates with the correct size already built in. I can’t believe I didn’t start using it sooner. 🤦‍♀️

Canva created

Shareasale Affiliate Program #1…Free to join.

Shareasale affiliate program, do you want to make money promoting products?

Shareasale affiliate program link sign up
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I get a lot of my affiliate partnerships through Shareasale Affiliate Program. It’s fairly easy, you can click on this link to go to their site and fill out their application to join. It will take a few minutes because you have to add all of your pertinant info, and fill out some tax forms.

After that is done, then you can search your niche/product within their system to see if there are companies that offer partnerships. It is easier to have a domain or website because some of the businesses like to check and see where their content is going.

As soon as you find a product you want to promote, you apply to that program. Some companies have automatic approvals, and others approve manually. You will get an email after you apply letting you know whether you’ve been approved or not.

Don’t stress if you don’t get approved right away. Sometimes they want to make sure you are a good fit for their products. In the event that you don’t get approved, wait a few weeks, and reapply. I’ve done this before and gotten approved the second time.

Summer Swag Bundle

Make sure you check out the affiliate program details. Some programs offer a low commission rate and a short cookie duration. If you are going to push out marketing for other companies you want it to be worth your time. You can run paid ads (I’ll do a how-to post on that later), but I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you are just starting out. Unless of course you have a marketing budget already. I am starting from scratch, so I don’t run a lot of paid ads. If I do, it’s a small amount, and it’s mostly for me to get analytics so I can see who my audience is.

Also, if you are pushing out content via your own website, (like me) you can integrate analytics into your site. WordPress has great plugins so you can see exactly how many people visit your site, what country they originate from, how they came to your site (via a direct link, search, or your or Beacons page.)

There are quite a few affiliate programs you can join. It depends on which one your product/niche uses as their partner. Partnerize, CJ (Commission Junction), Rakuten, Shareasale, Affiliatly are just a few that I use.

You can at Google Site kit to your page as well, and Adsense to allow other advertisers to post their ads within your blog posts. I don’t do this because it makes my webpage too ”busy”, and I want to promote my own products. But if you just have a blog, like I did prior to 2022, having Adsense is a great idea to earn money as well. All of these integrations can be added with some backend work to your site.

The main thing is that anything you do, if you start from scratch like I have, takes time. Be patient with yourself… you are entering a whole new world with online digital marketing. Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning techy stuff. I enjoy it, but I will say it is time consuming in the beginning when you are getting everything set up. Don’t forget to practice time management…I am NOT good at this every day. 😊…I have to remind myself to take a breath, and step back. It is really easy for me to get to working my business, and then I look up at the clock and 6 hours have gone by. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

As always, reach out with any questions.



How my online business is pivoting, and how you can start yours NOW.

advertising alphabet business communication

app business connection device
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The Brambila Method.

Wowee, I am learning A LOT about building an online business.

I started by converting my blog to a business site at the beginning of the year, so I could have all of the tools I need to manage what I am building.

I took a $7 dollar course, which gave me the initial understanding of how the business model worked. Though it left me with a lot of questions. So I headed over to youtube to do some more research.

This led me to getting a mentor, and she has helped me a lot to understand that part of the business.

The Brambila Method.

But… yes there’s a but… as I’m going through the mentoring process, I’m finding out that I don’t want to do my business that way. I don’t want to be a coach to a bunch of people, not right now at least. I WANT to help others, and intend on doing that, but coaching/mentoring isn’t at the top of my list right now. Maybe later…but right now I’m just going to share the tools that have WORKED for me, and generated income.

The Brambila Method.

The reason for this, is I want the majority of my income to continue to come in passively. This means doing the back end work, continuing to blog and share what I’m learning, and creating projects that literally make money in my sleep. Which has happened to date.

I took one more training, as I have mentioned before, and it has really helped me nail down the little things that I was missing, in creating passive income. It gave me awesome ideas, and I feel like I’m moving in the right direction to scale and grow my business.

That being said, here’s the training I took. Yes it will cost you some money, but if you need some PROVEN methods to expand your online business, this is the training for you. I’ve also linked it in one of my pages.

The Brambila Method.

I want to remind you that starting a business, whether it’s a brick and mortor business, or a passive online business, takes work. The term ”passive” can be misleading, as you HAVE to do the initial work, to make it passive. You have to learn how to do it, and learn how to make it successful.

So if you want to get started, with a LEGIT way to earn money online, click here for the Brambila Method.

As always, reach out with questions.



Coming within the next few days!

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