Sleeping under the stars. 9 June 2023

Yesterday I completely redid my jeep mini camper. All with up-cycled stuff. I’v created a lot more room, will be adding an “air conditioner”…I’ve done some research on how to make one for less that 20 bucks. I’ll run that video when I get it finished. It’s not a fancy unit, but will cool it down during hotter days when I don’t want to run into civilization. LOL….It also gives me perfect space for a 12v fridge, which I do need as my setup only lasts about three days before I need to put my gel packs back into the freezer.

Last night we were just chillin, relaxing listening to the birds and Sadie decided to come say hi. I honestly think she’s checking on my because she’ll just come and hang out. In the following video, she was grazing next to the jeep, and something caught her eye. She long trotted off into the distance and listened, looked back at me, and then decided it was time to head to the north side. Scroll on down to see the video.

Sleeping under the stars. 9 June 2023

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I managed to get my phone out and video it. As she was trotting off into the sunset, I caught some beautiful colors. Here’s the video.

Trottin’ of into the sunset. 💜

If you would like to help support this page and my channel, as I am working hard to build up and be able to travel more, you can do so via this safe link. (It’s my pro Linktree account, safe.)


Thank you so much for coming on my healing journey with me. It will not always be pretty, but I’m slowing down, reading more…this is the summer of books.

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Remember when fuel was about a $1?

I was driving out to do chores, on fumes, and stopped to put my last $11 in, and I started thinking about when a 20 dollar bill would be more than enough to fill up my tank.

My mom used to send me up to the convenience store with a dollar to get her a pack of smokes. Now, they are over $10 bucks a pack, depending on what brand a person smokes.

Even just since Biden has been president, things are just so expensive. I live on a fixed income, and after paying bills, barely have enough money for food. And because I have to make my dogs food from people food (veggies and fruits), most of my money for food goes to her.

I’m not whining, or having a pity party, just frustrated. I’m trying my best to take care of everything the way I should, but there just isn’t enough money to make it to the end of the month. Which is why I’m trying to hard to keep up with organically growing my online presence.

I can’t afford to pay for ads because to have it be successful, a person really has to have about $500 budgeted for ads. That would be half of my disability payment.

So organically it is. My YouTube is growing, and my Instagram is as well. Facebook is just Facebook, and doesn’t do much. I was getting viral reels on there, until they asked me to join their monetization program, and then instantly my views went down. Too much control for me.

Anyway, enough of that for now. It’s been a challenging day for me, and I’m trying to wind my brain down.

I wanted to share a LifeP0 Solar powered generator that has some great reviews. Check it out if you want. (Just click the picture)


This is the next generator I’m getting for my build. I don’t know if I’ll be using the Jeep for my trips this summer, or a van. The jeep is rolling smoke now when the engine is asked for any extra power… like running the AC. My son is looking for another vehicle for me, and so is a friend of mine. I guess I can’t expect her to run forever, even though I want her to, but she’s got 270,000 miles now. I do plan on keeping her though…and when I get someone else to drive, I’m going to rebuild the engine. She’s been good to me.

Anywho…no new news today…other than me feeling like I’m having a breakdown…it’s been one of those days.



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Here’s the Jeep, with a couple of cats. Lol