I got Level 1 EAGALA certified.

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GOOD MORNING to all, or afternoon, where ever you are in the world)

In 2009, I traveled to Lafayette Louisiana for a Level 1 Certification with EAGALA. (Equine assisted growth and learning association)

Here’s a LINK for more explanation about the program.

At that time they still had mental health professionals, and equine specialists, with Level 1, 11, certifications. When I took my three day training, it was in 2009, so I’m sure the curriculum has changed a bit. It was one of the most amazing learning experiences I have been through. And I got a certificate that gave me 23 college credit hours in counseling.

I usually go into these type of things as an observer…but at the beginning of the class the instructor told us to not be surprised if feelings, emotions, reactions come to the surface.

I was literally emotionally caught off guard.

I got Level 1 EAGALA certified


At the beginning of the class, on the first day, there were horses in the arena, just hanging out. Enough for all of us, and we had to choose a horse and bring him or her back to the other end of the paddock, with no halter, no food, no ropes, nothing, just ourselves and our ability to communicate what we wanted our chosen horse to do.

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I walked around a bit looking at the horses and trying to get a feeling, and ended up choosing a 4 year old cutting bred gelding. He was amazing. (I almost bought him and took him home.). I managed to communicate what I wanted him to do, and we made it back to the other end of the paddock. No halters, no treats, no buckets of food…just me and the horse.

The next three days brought out “stuff” that I had ignored for years. Stories were told by licensed mental health professionals about their experiences using this type of therapy, some I cannot share because of the nature of the sensitivity of the patients and their traumas. But I will say that one story showed how much this type of therapy works…a young child who didn’t communicate due to extensive trauma, began to open up with a gelding he had bonded with and was finally able to speak his truth, and begin his healing.

Check out all of the good ole’ Levi’s favorites, or the new groovy stuff.

Needless to say, I’m going to go through the training again, for a refresher. Just for my own well being at least.

If you are interested in this… a fully licensed EAGALA team consists of an equine specialist, and a licensed professional therapist. One person can’t be both.

But it’s so worth it. I promise. Here’s the link again



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Horses are DYING!!!

Why are American racehorses dying?

I used to love to watch the races, ever since I was a little kid. I used to ride my pony and pretend I was a jockey.

But in 2008, I watched the Kentucky Derby, and watched in real time Eight Belles break down as her jockey was pulling her up after the race. She literally ran herself to death. She came in second in a field of colts, showing all the boys that girls can run too.

But as she was pulling up, she suffered compound fractures to both of her front ankles (fetlocks, though that isn’t the correct term, but it gives you an idea of where the fractures were). If you have ever broken a bone in your foot, you know how painful it is, imagine breaking both of them at the same time, and within a split second you cannot carry your own weight, and immediately fall to the ground.

This is what happened to Eight Belles.

They put up a curtain, and euthanized her right there on the track, in front of thousands of spectators.

But why? Why did this happen? There have long been rumors that trainers, owners, etc, start running their horses too early…if you know anything about horses, they aren’t even fully matured and grown until 5-7 years old. Their bones are still growing. Then to be asked to run on immature bones, along with whatever medication they have been administered (lasix for fluid reduction to make them “faster and lighter”)…and many other medications that are supposed to increase their performance. AS A TWO YEAR OLD.

This is wrong, and some well known trainers have been banned for using illegal substances to increase their horses performance. I won’t name any names right now, but a short Google search will give you the answers. I may post some of those google results in the comments.

Right now I’m just sad, angry, and disappointed. Money is the leading force in this industry. Money money money.

How did it become ok to use, abuse and destroy the living beings on this planet for monetary gain.

I have talked with a person who used to ride quarter horses, running quarter horses, not ranch horses….she told me that these horses will have insurance, and when they die, the insurance pays out. She said she’s seen “people” put ping pong balls up horses noses to suffocate them resulting in their death, so the owners can collect the insurance money.

So if you think it doesn’t happen, think again.

We need to do better.

💥💥Credit to this information goes to the following websites.💥💥

New York Times

Horse Racing Wrongs


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When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

Sadie is the ultimate version of “putting up with my shenanigans”.

She is so patient with me and my “let’s see what weird things we can do today”. I can lay under her, crawl between her legs, sit down in front of her, pretty much anything.

This didn’t come instantly. We didn’t know each other when we got together. She had a rough past with her first owner. So I had to spend time, just spending time with her. She had to learn that every time I raised my hand, she didn’t have to flinch anymore.

I took my time… and that trust took two years to build, at liberty.

Sadie was a workin’ horse during her first years. If you what that means.. then you get it.

Then before I got her, she was with a wonderful friend her taught her that not all people were bad. That she enjoyed my friends grandkids riding her around, and she took such good care of them.

Now we are retired, we ride for relaxation and just to spend time together.

She’s happy to leave the barn now, and go on a relaxing ride.

Her working days are still in her memory though… she spots a cow from a mile away, and will move to a gate to open it, if I ask it of her.

When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

I call her the brush buster, because I’m guessing she had to look for cows/calves at one point, in the brush… and she will just go through it, instead of around it.

I can see the past learned behavior coming to the forefront, when she thinks she has to work…but we don’t “work” anymore. But those memories are still there.

Don’t worry Sadie girl, I got you… nothing but blue skies and fun rides from now on. 💜

I’ve had quite a few horses, I’ve lost them due to domestic violence and abuse. Having my horses stolen, due to undiagnosed mental health, ptsd on my part, has been a sad haunting memory for me…

But all of my horses knew love. To me, that is all I could send with them.

I’ll admit, I struggle still with guilt… which I shouldn’t do, but my heart and mind battle are the hard days.

Don’t miss a moment… they could be gone in a heartbeat.



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Something fun, springy, and short. My #1 favorite thing to do.

Spring has officially arrived here. The barn swallows are back and so are the purple martins. That is my sign that winter is over.

It really wasn’t a bad winter, honestly, I remember worse times….But the older I get the more I like the warmer weather. I think my horse does too. She’s a summer girl.

So today I’m just going to post a montage of me riding my girl Sadie. Nothing more… just sharing my appreciative heart and thankful for another spring to be here on this earth.

Trying to find my wayward horse. My best friend at 22 years old.


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When I’m out doing things, mowing, working on the jeep, or just relaxing…I let Sadie out to wander around. She has a dedicated pasture for herself, but I pull her off of it during the winter to manage the grass. Since spring is on the way, I’ve been letting her out to run around the rest of the 180 acres.

When it’s time to come in, I just whistle and call her name, and she comes back. Yesterday I saw her heading west along the fire lane and I thought I’d go meet her, but when I got around to that area, she wasn’t there. Clearly she took a left and headed straight to the barn, because she knew it was chow time.

I haven’t owned her her whole life. This is year 5 for us being together. I’m finding that even an old horse can learn to do new things. I’m working with her at liberty, and it’s been the most amazing thing to learn and watch her communicate with me, and me communicate with her. This summer I really would like to see what she’s willing to do…at liberty…and see what new things we can learn about each other, and together.

Horses are amazing. They tolerate our mistakes, and our inability to know from the start, their communication language. When I was younger I had a different idea of what training a horse meant. I’ve always tried to keep an open mind, and always be able to learn new and different ways. Stepping outside of myself and being able to learn from her, has been the most rewarding.

One of my favorite things to do is just go out and “be” with her.

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Just wanted to share how awesome my girl is. 😊



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Here’s me and Fletch. A horse I rode for a day, who taught me something about forgiveness.

Here’s me and Fletch. I was riding him with some other people a few years ago. Really nice little medicine cap gelding. Had the patience of a saint. I really enjoyed riding him that day, he was calm, eager and ready to go do something.

Me and Fletch

It was an enjoyable ride, and he never gave anything but his best for me.

He is now owned and loved by a family who has little kids. The patience he shows with those kids is priceless. Standing and allowing them to learn how to mount up and accepting their youth and learning.

Horses are an amazingly forgiving animal, in most cases. They tolerate our mistakes, our inability to figure out quickly what their language is, so an effective team and trust can be built. They listen to your heartbeat, and breathing, and can tell if you are anxious or scared. Without proper learned communication, this just makes the horse anxious, just like us.

Here’s me and Fletch. A horse I rode for a day, who taught me something about forgiveness.

A horse like Fletch can’t tell us what his past has been, but from when I rode him, he was accepting of this new stranger on his back, and made ME confident. It’s always a guess when I get on a new horse, to test out for someone, or just riding someone else’s horse. Fletch told me “Hi new human! I’m Fletch, and I’m going to show you that I’m good, and I’ll take care of you on our ride today”.

He did just that.

If your horse is reacting, check yourself, your feelings, and your emotional status… it may be that you just need to have a talk, and spend some time getting to know each other, at liberty. 

What do you think about horses? Have you ever had any experience with them? Do you have a communication problem with them? Let me know

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Here’s me and Fletch

Today is a blog, rest and learning day. For the last 3 days I’ve been working on my JeepMiniCamper, only posting shorts.

Today is a blog, rest and learning day. The past three days have been busy, tiring, painful, and rewarding all at the same time.

PTSD has been rearing its ugly head with my mind wandering off into stupid places, so I’ve had to deal with that.

I totally tore down one crappy cabinet in my jeep and completely built something new. With such a small space the old one was just not working. So I build a mini bench. It’s not pretty, but it’s functional and strong, and that’s all I care about.

Today is a blog day.  This is my view currently. 💜

One of the things that I rarely struggle with as a symptom of diagnoses, is irritability. I mean, I can get irritable, but I don’t like to be that way, and rarely does it manifest. But the last few days it has, and I’ve worked hard to dispel that. I have for reasons I don’t feel like mentioning, absolutely hate that about me. I hate getting irritated, hate getting angry, and work super hard on stopping it.

I think it’s a childhood thing…probably is. But I do know that when my anger has overcome me, I have a terrible temper, and can get tunnel vision with it. I don’t like that, it serves no purpose. Same with irritability, it serves me no purpose, and I know that I have failed in allowing it to get out of control in my life, so it’s something that I try to manage. I don’t like to be that way around people, or treat them that way, though I know I have failed at that during life.

I punch pillows, do yoga, spend time with nature and animals, and just basically get rid of that negativity.

Today is a blog, rest and learning day. For the last 3 days I’ve been working on my JeepMiniCamper, only posting shorts.

Anyway, today I’m waiting on a part, and there’s really nothing else I can build at this point, in my jeep. The rest will be ad-ons—-the faucet, since, clean and grey water tanks, awnings and window shades. I think I’m either going to build or buy something that I can add on to the back end of my jeep to make a covered area. I’ve seen tents like this one…

This is exactly what I’m going to use.

I’ll have it packed in my gear box, and they actually have it attached to a Grand Cherokee, which is what I have. So this will work perfectly.

For shorter trips, I’m fabricating my own awnings..pvc pipe, heavy duty tarp, guy lines, and poles. I’ll attach it to the roof rack that’s already on my jeep, way cheaper than buying them, and I’ll know how they’re made if something goes wrong. Easy peasy.

HAHA….I’ve found that not everything that I have planned has gone easy peasy. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m learning so much.

Not much else for today. I need to do some editing for my YouTube channel…please subscribe if you can, and follow on my Facebook. I would really appreciate it.

Here’s a video of my girl running around yesterday… it was a gorgeous day and she was kicking up her heels… literally… lol

Happy Monday!



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P.P.S. I’m editing some videos and will blog abou the progress and what I’ve built so far… that’s coming up. I’m new to editing and all of that stuff.

I found a horse feed that I would love to try with my girl… but…

I was in a chat on Reddit about horses, and the OP posted what she feeds her Akhal Teke… super cool horse, you can click the colored/underlined words to get more information… not very many in the world.

Anyway, she shared that she feeds St. Hippolyt feed. I was curious and knew that the OP was from Europe. (In my opinion Europe has exceptional horse husbandry.)

I found a horse feed that I would love to try with my girl… but…

So I got online to see if I could get it.

Alas, I cannot.. so anyone heading to Austria anytime soon? If so could you bring me back some of this feed? 😁

I feed Sadie a warm mash of alfalfa cubes, beet pulp and Purina Senior Active. She does well on it… but I’m always looking for something that is/could be better for her. I’ll follow up with direct links where you can get those products later today.

Here’s some info about it… (St.Hippolyt) it sounds amazing, and there’s no junk in it.

I wish I could get this, but haven’t found a way yet.

Just a random post.

Happy Tuesday.



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My Mudbug

My Mudbug

Sadie has ALWAYS been a Mudbug. She waits until the mud gets that super tacky sticky consistency, and then takes a huge roll.

She knows that I will always give her a good brushing, which is why she probably does it, on top of the fact that—who doesn’t love a good clean mud bath?

I know I do…I say that literally. We have some “clean” mud at the ranch, with no horse poop in it, and when it rains a lot, there’s nothing better than sticking my feet in the mud and smushing it all around in between my toes.

Maybe I’m weird, but that’s ok. I’ll embrace that weirdness.

I’ve run through the west pasture during a thunderstorm in my bare feet and a tank top, just letting the rain wash over my body. (And hoping I don’t get struck by lightning…ha…obviously I didn’t because I’m here writing this post.)

I say this about mud to direct to a more serious subject. I previously posted about what it was like to live with mental health diagnoses and how I cope.

Well, this is one of my coping skills, more so in the summer..clearly, because even though I’m not in my right mind (insert large amounts of sarcasm here) I’m not going to stick my feet in the mud when it’s 20 degrees outside. Though I have walked out into the garage barefoot when it’s cold, and I will tell you it takes everything off of your mind….lol…but it’s not my favorite thing to do.

This morning when I went out to do chores, I was feeling anxious. But the minute I stepped out of the car to get started, I breathed in the fresh air, and took a look around at the nature, the quiet, and the peacefulness. My anxiety quieted in my mind and body. The cats all greeted me, and I felt “home”.

I got everyone fed, and was headed back out, and stopped where I feed the corn to the deer. We have one momma that has a hitch in her git-a-long, and I called to them to let them know breaksfast was served.

As I pulled out of the driveway, I got a notification from one of the security cameras.. and there she was, chomping down her breaksfast. I have a special place in my heart for her. 💜

The earth is healing. Animals are healing. Nature is healing. This may sound like a weird question, but have you ever smelled clean, fresh dirt? I know I know, “clean” dirt… but there is such a thing. The smell is wonderful….it’s raw and unadulterated. It heals my soul on those hard days.

So, I’m just suggesting…if you’re having a bad day, and need to try something different……

Go find some mud.



Here’s my girl on one of her spa days.

My MudBug