This is really good coffee, I’m thinking to date, my #1 favorite coffee.

This is really good coffee, I’m thinking to date, my #1 favorite coffee.

A few months ago Out Of The Grey Coffee sent me some coffee samples for me to try out, along with some chocolate covered coffee beans… yes, delicious….


I can say that the Jamaican Blue is the best coffee I have ever had. I LOVE it. It’s smooth and sweet, not overpowering, not bitter. I do add frothed milk and raw sugar to it, but I taste tested it before I added all my stuff.

So if you want to try some American Roasted coffee, give them a look. You can click any of the underlined words or pictures to get to their website.

Here’s my video of me unboxing the delicious goodness.

There really is a difference in coffee. I used to think, coffee is coffee, but after this my mind has changed. Not all of those little beans are the same.

I was doing some research (imagine that) on coffee, and found a coffee bean that comes out of the butt of a monkey type animal. I had seen something about it on a movie or something, but thought…”naaaaa”. But sure as shit.. see what I did there… there’s an expensive coffee bean that is processed after it comes out of the little critters butthole. It’s called kopi luwak. It eats the fruit, because the bean is actually a seed from a fruit, and it’s body digests everything but the seed (bean), and then he poops it right out. Someone then has the lovely job of collecting the poo, and then they roast the beans, and send them off to coffee poo fans. It’s really expensive too.

So there you go, a tidbit of information you probably didn’t want for today. 😂


Really good coffee
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