Yesterday was my brothers 50th birthday, but he disappeared 12 years ago. Please share. TIA

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Yesterday was my brothers 50th birthday, but he disappeared 12 years ago. Please share. TIA

Yesterday was my brothers 50th birthday. I haven’t seen him though in 12 years.

A little back story. My brother and I had different upbringings. We had the same mother, but different fathers, and we were very different. We fought as kids, but came together as adults and I really enjoyed his friendship and companionship.

He chose some different paths through life. Went through some trauma of his own, some of which I experienced with him, in some form or another. We had LONG discussions about God, and whether he even existed. (I believed, he had questions.). I bought him this book:

It’s a great book….I could always have good strong debates, discussions with my brother. I always won…lol…. When it came to discussing God… but I digress… this isn’t a religion/spirituality post.

He told me he was going to go off grid because of some criminal charges that he had caught. I had heard rumors, via my mother, but I never saw with my own two eyes any charges. I asked for them as well, but never received them. My brothers version of the story is very different than the one told to me by my mother. He couldn’t afford to hire an attorney, and he said that he can’t get convicted and sent away, for something that he didn’t do. He told me he hadn’t been innocent, but that the charges specifically were wrong. He didn’t do what they were charging him with.

Anyway, he said that he had to go, and he didn’t know when I would see him again. I figured it would be a year or two, and that he would surface again.

But it’s been 12 years, and nothing.

My mother seemed to believe for the longest time that I knew where he was. I didn’t. And I don’t. She was even able to convince the FBI to show up on my doorstep one time in reference to my brother. She was able to convince a field agent from the Midwest to show up at a disabled person’s apartment, and she’s on the east coast. ***The agent got an eye opener, I’ll just say that about that visit. He left with a whole bunch of new information.

I just miss him. My brother was never violent with me, he loved my children and was good with them and I even though he was my half brother, I NEVER considered him as that. He was MY BROTHER one hundred percent.

I’ve thought about trying to find him, but have hesitated on that.

So I’m making this post, and hoping it will be shared far and wide within the interwebs because I would like to see if he’s at least still here. If he does indeed have legal troubles, I know some people that can help.

Please share this post. I’m not giving names because if he sees it, he’ll see my picture, and my nickname from a child, and he’ll know it’s me.

To you my brother… I love you and miss you and wish I could at least talk to you, or send smoke signals, or something. Please reach out, here’s a way…