When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

Sadie is the ultimate version of “putting up with my shenanigans”.

She is so patient with me and my “let’s see what weird things we can do today”. I can lay under her, crawl between her legs, sit down in front of her, pretty much anything.

This didn’t come instantly. We didn’t know each other when we got together. She had a rough past with her first owner. So I had to spend time, just spending time with her. She had to learn that every time I raised my hand, she didn’t have to flinch anymore.

I took my time… and that trust took two years to build, at liberty.

Sadie was a workin’ horse during her first years. If you what that means.. then you get it.

Then before I got her, she was with a wonderful friend her taught her that not all people were bad. That she enjoyed my friends grandkids riding her around, and she took such good care of them.

Now we are retired, we ride for relaxation and just to spend time together.

She’s happy to leave the barn now, and go on a relaxing ride.

Her working days are still in her memory though… she spots a cow from a mile away, and will move to a gate to open it, if I ask it of her.

When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

I call her the brush buster, because I’m guessing she had to look for cows/calves at one point, in the brush… and she will just go through it, instead of around it.

I can see the past learned behavior coming to the forefront, when she thinks she has to work…but we don’t “work” anymore. But those memories are still there.

Don’t worry Sadie girl, I got you… nothing but blue skies and fun rides from now on. 💜

I’ve had quite a few horses, I’ve lost them due to domestic violence and abuse. Having my horses stolen, due to undiagnosed mental health, ptsd on my part, has been a sad haunting memory for me…

But all of my horses knew love. To me, that is all I could send with them.

I’ll admit, I struggle still with guilt… which I shouldn’t do, but my heart and mind battle are the hard days.

Don’t miss a moment… they could be gone in a heartbeat.



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This is Opie, the radically brave opossum approximately 1 to 3 years.

close up of an opossum
This is Opie, approximately 1 to 3 year old opossum.

Published by Shassy 20 Feb 23

Opie Opossum

Opossums are gentle creatures. They try to look nasty and slobber when scared, and will play “possum” when they feel like there’s no way out. This one in particular has been around a few times and is now trusting me and being brave as to interact and not play dead, or run off. (Yes, they can run off… I’ve seen it. They don’t always play dead.)

They really are an amazing animal, marsupials to be exact, and are beneficial to a healthy ecosystem. I say healthy because when humans get involved, we upset the ecosystem. If we eliminate one part, then it upsets the balance, and then it’s a downward spiral.

This particular opossum in my above ⬆️⬆️⬆️ video is a regular. I can tell by nicks in his little ears, and the end of his tail has a previous injury.

Northwest Registered Agent

Last summer I took in a blind old opossum to sanctuary. He was starving and trying to live in one of our cats houses. When I realized something was wrong, I called my wildlife person, and took him into be transported to a safe place where he could get what he needed.

I didn’t know that when they get old they can get cataracts and become blind. I picked him up and put him gently into the carrier, and offered food and water, and he ate and drank like a champ. (This is a ranch and we have random bowls that are stored, without being used, so that’s why this bowl is so old looking, and covered in hard water stains. Sometimes the raccoons steal them and I find them in the yard, or further out in the pasture. Please don’t judge my old steel bowl). See below video. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Then, that same day, immediately after I had returned from the location for drop off for transport to sanctuary, as I walked into the barn, my cats were going after something. As I looked around I found the cutest baby Opie. I don’t care what you say, he/she was adorable.

(I don’t have my “hrsygrl” TikTok anymore, fyi). This video doesn’t show his cuteness as well as what I saw before I picked up my camera. I do have gloves on because although they rarely bite, they still can. I put him in a blanket and snuggled him up to me… and thought…. “I should raise him and keep him”… but I didn’t… he needed to be able to grow and be away from cats, so he went to sanctuary as well.

But I sure wanted to. It was hard to put aside what I wanted, and do what was right for him. Oh my heart 💜. Such a cutie.

So anyway, my point being is that I love animals and creatures of all kinds. I try to leave them be, but as you can see, since they learn where the food is… we will have interaction.

I also ran into Ricky Raccoon last night, but he wasn’t as amiable to discussion. 🤣

Please take care of this planet and all of the inhabitants. Once it’s gone, we don’t get a do-over.



this is opie