A poem

Circle, cycle

I’m headed down the drain.

The speed of this demon

Is mangling my brain.

I claw and I fight

Knowing this won’t be my end.

My heart is confused

With such a drenching reign.

Feelings swirl,

Conflict with logic.

I breath in and out,

Sweeping it into neurotic.

Mind spins, heart races

Keeping pace with this,

Excruciating race.

Then one day, the beating stops

My breaths are slow

Meaning well worn stalks.

Stalks filled with reminders

Of days past by,

When there were bruises

Or a swollen eye.

I have a reprieve…

How long will it last?

I don’t care, for I love for today

Calmness and aware,

Settle in and I sway

With the release of another

Pounding drenching day.

I still live.

I have a chance

Thank you universe for seeing me,

Giving me my stance.


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Craving Bliss?

A Poem

She craves the solitude,

Shy’s from others.

Safe in her little cocoon.

She says her prayers,

Takes her steps,

And goes to bed with no regrets.


Solitude is blissful

As people are sand,

There are days in her heart

Where she wishes she had a better plan.


She laughs now at the pun,

Her plans always seemed to run.

In opposite directions,

In ways she would shun.

But should she have listened?

Shedded the shield?

No one will know now,

Time is breathing still

With or without her will.

Craving Bliss?

A poem

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Keywords: poetry, craving, bliss, mental health

Move Me Poetry Battle Submission for 12 May 23

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Move Me Poetry Battle Submission for 12 May 23

The battle prompt word was “Mask”

I wasn’t sure if things would come togther, but I found some words, and here they are!


Mask me with your words

I believe them

Mask me with your touch

I feel them

Mask me with your cares

I need them


It’s a mask

I will never know 

What’s behind that mask

You use it to hide

The truth 

From me

From you.

Throw off your mask

Be true. 


Thanks for reading!!

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A Poem about lilly livered, lolly gagging dimwits. (Not the man and the dog in the picture.. they are in the right.)

This poem is for my friend Mike and his faithful, gentle, dog, Edge.

There once was a man who scaled a wall,

To enter where he wasn’t wanted, no, not at all.

Upon landing so grievously onto the ground,

To his surprise, was a faithful hound.

No, this hound is not a monster…

The trespasser was steely, and did not have permission…

So the hound only served him his rightful supposition.

The man in his wrongs

Lashed out and filed a complaint.

In a country more backwards than a three legged taint.

You may think my words are brash and bemused.

But the truth is the hound was right and in his refuse…

He still got punished for protecting his fare

And now will forever live with

One man’s disrepair.

For Edge and Mike.


Keywords: Mike, Edge, Australia, bemused, refuse, dimwits, lilly livered, lolly gagging, poetry, three legged taint.


A poem called “Refrain”. Published 16 April 23, via Medium.

Don’t do it, get back

Steal those memories into a small sealed crack.

Leave them there, where they belong,

Not with me anymore, but forgotten like an old song…

A song that squeaks back though, like from a rickety untuned piano.

Crawls in through the back door,

When you’re not looking…Then brings in more.

Sounds that rumble, stirring up those flashes…

Catching my breath and panic rehashes…

From scenes thought long buried

Nope, here they come again…I’m hurried.

One step, two steps… inhale to four.

Three steps, four steps, hold it… just a few more.

Five steps, six steps, exhale it to eight,


Untouched photo I took of the sunset. Photo by

Keywords: poetry, refrain, flashbacks, coping skills

Move Me Poetry Battle submission, 7 April 23

This weeks Move me Poetry Battle prompt was “Confrontation”.

I read the prompt words last night and wrote something, but it doesn’t fit within the parameters this week.

But here it is.

‘Is is peace we seek
From quiet words we speak.
Or is it an amalgamation
For confrontation.
Are our words
Meant to scorge
Or is it the way we were forged.
Do we really know any better?
From the formation of letters,
How they resign
Within another’s mind.
We should seek that understanding lest our words
Be too demanding.
Not all feel free within the words.
Choose wisely what you speak,
For many are far from weak.”

Hope you enjoy! Join me on any of my other socials via this link if you’d like. My poetry is also published on Medium.




Secrets Of Tea Beyond Weight Management

Secrets of Tea, Move Me Poetry Battle submission 7 Apr 23, Confrontation, weak, speak

Flubbed the parameters of MMPB this week, but here it is anyway. 24 Mar 23

I have a bad habit of reading what the prompt word is, and sometimes pondering, then seeing if I come up with something.

Only thing I forget to do sometimes, is read what kind of week it is. 🙄

So I just took the prompt word, “Daydream” and starting writing.

Guess what? It didn’t fit, but I liked what I wrote… so here ‘tis.


“Daydream of crystal springs, rippling smoothly flowing streams.

Hot sand blowing, stinging

Heat waves on your face.

Daydream of quiet falling snowflakes, landing so gently upon your face, like that is exactly where they were meant to fall.

Each one completely different from the other,

And yet the same.

Daydream of summer thunderstorms,

Standing in the rain and the cleansing it creates within your soul.

Daydream of your heart filled with love and compassion.

Daydream of those special places tucked deep inside,

And daydream them back into life.

Just daydream. “


#daydream #MoveMePoetry #MMPoetryBattle #writing #poetry #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #copyrightshassyswalkaboutdotcom

Move Me Poetry Battle Submission 17 Mar 23

cirrus clouds

Move Me Poetry Battle Submission 17 Mar 23

The Move Me Poetry Battle prompt for this week is “Dissolve”.

Dissolve my anguishes and reach into my heart

Remove remorse, guilt and bring forth a new start.

Vanquish blurry nightmares with a swift new breeze

Engulf my lungs with the air that frees.

Remove any tenacious lingering pain

Replace it with fresh light and hopes that remain.

Give strength that embraces a new view of life

One that understands and flows without great strife.

Continue to steady, 
support and give patience

As life is a lesson in worth of conveyance.

Seek out the fresh streams that cleanse my soul

Wash my body clean of strenuous control.

Empower me with freedom to seek arduous rising

That uplifts and removes the never ending capsizing.

Seek within me the wheels of smooth growth

So I can see the bright light of my own oath.

To continue to fight, this menace of death,

Which steals and destroys my life’s precious breath.

For I know in my soul that blessings abound,

All I must do is keep steady, and sound.

This is my declaration to dissolve,

The demons that haunt me within my resolve.

Banish you trickster, for you have no claim

As I move forward, ignoring your distain.

My life belongs to me; you are nothing but a gar

I will wipe you away, like the infection you are,

I’m still here creating, living and you are just huffing

Soon to be forgotten like nothing,

Blown away, sloughed off like yesterday’s uncoupling.

Shining days ahead without you in my head,

I will win the battle, even if by a thin thread. 
©️ 2013–2023

#movemepoetrybattle #movemepoetry #poetry #poetrycommunity #writingcommuniy

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Move Me Poetry Battle submission 10 March 23

This week we were to write an ekphrastik piece using this image.

Move Me Poetry Battle 10 March 23

I’ll have to admit I needed to look up the word ekphrastik.. I write poetry, but it’s all in a willy nilly form…my brain doesn’t work well around forms, or “ways” to write poetry, and when I’ve tried to sit down and do these things, I get frustrated and lose my joy in writing. But I looked up the word “ekphrastic” and got this definition:

“The word ekphrasis, or ecphrasis, comes from the Greek for the written description of a work of art produced as a rhetorical or literary exercise, often used in the adjectival form ekphrastic. It is a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined.” Wikipedia

So…. With that being said…. Here I go… I still may not do it “write”, but I’m trying anyway.

Move Me Poetry Battle submission 10 March 23

‘Oh Crafted Pencil”. “You dig in your sharp, hidden lead as your stead. This reminds me of caught breaths, gritted teeth, leading straight from my bed. Moving around has become painful tread. As I’ve wiggled and waddled from the point of restead, and injured myself, like the shaft impaled in this gently paused thread. Stabbed in the back, I feel like I’m bled, hoping soon will come, a point of rethread. Not paying attention, now I’m chained to the bed, unable to move without pain as my dread.”

Thanks for reading!


P.S. My poem didn’t fit into the character limit for this weeks battle.. but I published anyway, because it describes the pain I’m going through with a back injury I’ve recently sustained… not sure how, but I can barely move.

Peace out homeskillets!