I made my 1st sourdough loaf!!

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This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I have celiac, and for some reason sourdough doesn’t bother my gut as bad as regular store bought bread. Not sure why, but that’s the case. Plus I love the taste of it. Grilled cheese on sourdough is absolutely AMAZING.

It did take me THREE tries to get the starter going. The first two times I think I put in too much water and not enough flour. So the third time, I increased the flour, and decreased the water. I also used well water, not city water. I want to note that the second loaf I tried to make, I used tap water, and it flopped. I’m still going to use the dough to make flat bread, because I hate to waste things.

Anyway, it’s just an accomplishment and there’s something about eating food that you have made yourself, or grown that is satisfying. On top of the fact that there are so many preservatives and things sprayed on food bought in the store. I have to buy organic…which is hard to do on a fixed income. But when I veer off and eat something that is full of processed sugars, or junk in general, it affects every part of my body, including increasing my depression cycles.

So…that’s all this post is about, my final success at sourdough! I didn’t really measure….I can estimate fairly well, as I used to cook all the time when I had a family.

I hope you all have a great sunday!



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