What a crazy couple of days…sorry I’ve missed posting. Here’s what’s new, and old…if you feel like me. 😂. Also, looking for info on spinal stenosis L4-L5.

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I just thought this was a cute picture of an opossum, so I added it… lol….

Anyway. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and now it’s 30….😳….but I think spring is on the way. I saw a barn swallow scout, so that’s a good sign. It’s always been my measure to be able to tell when spring is ACTUALLY on the way. I opened up the purple martin house, because they will soon be scouting as well. I hope.

Last Friday I had an MRI of my lumbar region due to pain in that area. It really started to hurt a lot a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, the results came back as spinal canal stenosis in the L4-L5, with ligament and facet hypertrophy with disc bulge/protrusion. My doctor immediately said I need surgery. I caught my breath because I don’t want surgery on my spine. I consulted with a few people and got varying degrees of opinions, with varying results.

What a crazy couple of days…sorry I’ve missed posting. Here’s what’s new, and old…if you fee like me. 😂. Also looking for info on spinal stenosis L4-L5

Basically for some surgery has been a life saver, for others it’s made their life worse, and for some it’s done nothing. Just from the limited amount of research I’ve done so far, I’ve opted out of surgery for now. I’m 53 years old, and realize that I’ve been hard on my body. But I’m not ready to let them start digging into my spine.

I’ve found some more exercises that I can do, and I’m going to pick back up with my yoga, and work on strengthening my core. That seems to be a big benefit. I’ve also made an appointment with a kinesiology doctor to see if that can help.

Just since yesterday, I’ve notice a difference in the amount of pain, just since I’ve done some of the stretches and core strengthening. So I’m hopeful.

Anyone have any experience with spinal stenosis? What has worked? What hasn’t? Please let me know via comments, or email. I would be very appreciative.



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