I’ve been using these outdoor Spypoint game cams for over 6 months now.

I’ve been using these outdoor Spypoint game cams for over 6 months now.

Update: I’ve added in some pictures so you can see what I see when I get a notification. The only thing I can say is that if a critter messes with your cam, you might have to clean off the lenses.

This is a picture of a buck jumping over my electric fence this fall, captured by my cam.

I’ve been using

You can adjust the settings to capture instantly, or up to 30 minutes. I use rechargeable batteries because I don’t want to be constantly dumping them in the trash, which ends them up in the landfill. You can also adjust the settings, and pay extra for video. I don’t do that because it’s not needed.

We initially got them because people were coming out and fishing without permission. So this way I had some evidence before I confronted them for breaking the rules. (They were given permission, with rules, but they quit following the rules.).

I have caught pictures of coyotes, bobcat, beavers, opossums, skunks, our cats, and my horse, along with randoms of me wandering around on walkabouts…. and all of our deer.

It takes a little bit of tweaking to get your settings the way you want them, and you can change them if you feel you need to. They run off of cellular towers, so no need for wires. I plan on adding a solar panel to a couple, but with the ones in the trees, solar wouldn’t be an option, I don’t believe.

Anyway, thought I’d share. Give them a check and read the reviews. I had a couple of raccoons mess with one, and it didn’t break or hurt the cameras. They are well made. Rain, snow, heat…hasn’t affected them at all.

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