3 consequences of using chemicals on your yard. How it’s hurting the ecosystem, our water, animals and livestock.

I’ve become acutely aware of how using fertilizer and insecticide has negatively affected my life. My dogs life in particular.

Recently I had taken one of the cats to the vet because he was losing hair. The vet did skin scrapings, and blood work and found no mange, no fleas or ticks, and no infections. He concluded that the cat had developed an autoimmune disease from being exposed to environmental toxins. Fertilizer and insecticide are used regularly, and have been for years, at the location where the cat lives.

Upon doing research I found that excess use of synthetic fertilizers over time can create unhealthy algae blooms, runoff kills aquatic life, and exposure over time negatively affects domestic animals. Not to mention humans….think about the Roundup issues. (I’ll list just a few websites that talk about these things at the bottom of this post.)

3 consequences of using chemicals on your yard. How it’s hurting the ecosystem, our water, animals and livestock.

Personally it’s affected my dog. (We don’t live there, we just go out to take care of animals.) Her immune system has become so sensitive that she can no longer eat red meat proteins, absolutely no commercial dog food, (read the ingredients… it’s full of chemicals), and she develops an allergic reaction if she walks in the grass. I have to give her a Benadryl. She can now only eat fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and a very small amount of tuna for salmon for her protein. If I try to give her any other type of protein, rice, corn, oats, barley, meat….she will be vomiting within the hour.

Two years ago, the momma cat had a kitten with an underdeveloped leg, that had to be subsequently amputated. He’s fine and living his best life now as a house cat, but I’m beginning to believe that it was caused from his mother being exposed to all of the stuff that is used on the property.

Let me be clear…I know that nothing was done intentionally. No one was intentionally trying to hurt the ground, or animals. But the simple fact is that it has.

So what can be done? It’s not my property, so I can do nothing but express what I’ve researched and learned and take care of my animals.

On my own small garden, I use no pesticides other than chili powder and garlic powder. I sprinkle that in and around my plants and I have no issues with insects destroying anything.

Why am I saying all of this? Because it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of this planet and the animals and ecosystems that are here. Do some research for yourself and see how deforestation is killing and completely eliminating entire species. It’s not just here, it’s everywhere. Go watch the show on Hulu, Secrets of Elephants…there’s a prime example of humans ruining the planet.

It’s no secret that I am an animal and create lover, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to see behind the scenes and how careless the inhabitants of this planet are to the only place we have to live. We are destroying the planet. Where else can we survive and live? NOWHERE. I don’t care what everyone says about Mars, no one is living there, so the point is mute.

I wish I had known then what I know now.

Would you roll around in the chemicals you put on your yard? Or spray yourself with the insecticides that you put on your plants? If you wouldn’t, then don’t do it.

I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around.

Do better.





I have read many research papers, articles, testimonies on this, but this blog post is meant to express my concern, and encourage you to do your own research. Don’t take my word for it, although I’m right. But as with anything on the internet, you can find both good and bad opinions and publications for whatever you want. My PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is negative with excess use of chemicals, so I can testify to that. You an also find much more information on how chemicals and living an unhealthy lifestyle can cause cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, hair loss, skin loss…. I could go on and on.

So it’s not a fairy tale, and it’s been proven that chemicals kill. Obviously, we’ve used them in war to eliminate our enemies. Shocker.

So what are the three consequences? Toxicity to humans and animals, toxic ground water, and death. We can’t live like this anymore, and it’s showing. Of course illness is a business in this country, so…but that’s another post for another day.

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It’s been a rough 30 hours.

It’s been a rough 30 hours.

Updated: The cause has been determined to be exposure to chemicals/toxins. Probably from what is used on the yard and trees for weed and pest control. Please please, if you have animals, DO NOT USE CHEMICALS.

I am sick to my stomach about this. But there’s nothing I can do, it’s out of my control. I don’t own the property, or the cats, I just nurture, and care for them.

Please, if you are the praying kind, please send some my way, and for all of the animals that I’ve shared… especially Little T.

One of my favorite cats has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, the cause is undetermined, but there are many theories on why a cat gets an autoimmune disease.

I have a good idea, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

I’m heartbroken. I take care of all of these animals, but they aren’t mine, and I can’t make decisions for them. (Except for Sadie, she is mine)

I also have to move my girl Sadie back to another place, due to this issue with the cats. And because of my vehicle problems, I won’t be able to see her everyday, like I have been since day one.

I have to do what’s best for her, and not think about my own feelings.

Our animals depend on us to do what’s best for them, and this is what’s best for Sadie.

But it breaks my heart, even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will be very well taken care of and loved by many.

(My friend and I had made an agreement before I got her, that if for any reason, I could bring her back. So that’s what I’m doing).

I don’t know what the decision is going to be for sweet Little T and his condition, as those decisions aren’t up to me. He and I are bonded, and I’m very upset and needless to say there’s been a lot of tears.

Please send good vibes, prayers, whatever… this is going to be tough.

There’s nothing better than being with this girl.

I love you Sadie girl.

And to Little T… you know I love you too baby boy. 💔

Sadie and Little T

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