These products literally save me. I’m not even kidding. #1 clean, affordable and very affective.

photo of cannabis oil on a clear plastic jar
These products literally save me. I’m not even kidding. #1 clean, affordable and very affective.

Click here to purchase LEGAL Delta-9 products, cbd cream, anxiety rollers… you name it.

Click here to purchase ALL of the CBD products….face, pain, anxiety, animal CBD…EVERYTHING

When I say I’ve tried a lot of face products, I ain’t kiddin’… But the Facial Serum, and the Blue Dream cream, is a game changer. I am outside year round taking care of animals, and absolutely can’t stand it if my face feels dry. The serum alone does the trick, but holy guacamole..adding in the Blue dream cream was the cherry on top.

The LEGAL Delta 9 + CBD gummies keep me walking, literally. They help with my ptsd symptoms, and anxiety. Without having this product, I am in pain that is not manageable. I do have pharma for a last resort, but that’s exactly what they are, a last resort. I will always reach for my plant medicine first.

I’m adding my screen shots of these products, because I think everyone needs to see the amazing product they are getting, for an affordable price. The quality is exceptional. I will never use anything else.

If you haven’t tried their products, you’re missing out. Seriously.

I’ll add a reel to my Facebook page, with a link.

✌️💜😊. Use the plants that this earth provides for us my friends, because that’s the best way. Hands down.

If you choose to purchase, you can use my code “Humble Alternative” for more of a discount.

As always, you can click on any underlined word for further description, or click on the pictures to take you to their site.

These products literally save me

I got my shipment in today and I am so glad.

Consider plant medicine. It is so much better for our bodies. We already have an endocannabinoid system built it, so our bodies are wired to work with these plants. Why do you think our government has owned the patent on cannabinoids working as protectants? DUH… they don’t want us to heal ourselves, they want to sell us drugs made synthetically, and overcharge insurance companies, and benefit the pharmaceutical companies. Sorry, not sorry…but it’s true.

This post is not to dish on pharma….there have been many many good things come from pharma…like my statin. I tried to adjust my diet and lower cholesterol, but couldn’t, so I take a statin. I don’t feel that EVERY SINGLE drug out there is bad….I just don’t like the monopoly that seems to go on at times. So don’t give me the side eye. There are good meds, I just haven’t had a good track record with taking them.

So, there you have it. Plants are where it’s at, in most cases. Most of our medications originated from plants… so I mean…🤷🏻‍♀️. Why can’t we continue to heal ourselves that way.

I think we should.


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Dying man’s medical cannabis, seized from his hospital room, and given a court date.

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Dying man’s medical cannabis, seized from his hospital room, and given a court dates

I found out about this from a friend of mine. I will link the original article, posted in the Wichita Eagle HERE

So, in my opinion, this is fn’ ridiculous. Yes, I know opinions are like a$$holes, we’ve all got them.

According to the article, posted in the Wichita Eagle, a #DYING man’s medical cannabis, which was in paste form and a vape pen, was seized by LE, while he was in the hospital, waiting for his disease to kill him.

The medical grade cannabis, was taken from a man DYING and IN THE HOSPITAL, and a court date was set. (Which he more than likely won’t make, wonder if they’ll issue and FTA to a dead man.)

Let me be CLEAR, I am not against LE, I like them. They’ve always been there for me. This IS NOT a police bashing post, so don’t come in and start with me, you’ll lose, or be blocked.

I get the slight fire hazard part…but…

What I don’t get is our #OBVIOUS lack of humanity for a person trying to die without pain.

If anyone has any more facts about this case, please reach out. I don’t want to miss something important, and it’s 5 something in the morning, and I’m not functioning.

When is this insanity going to stop? Cannabis is a #PLANT, that has been used to zillions of years for many many illnesses, anxiety, depression, seizures, pain, sleep, inflammation.. I could go on and on.

Go check out US Pantent #6630507. That is our government owning the patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. What does that tell you? They have held the patent for years. This tells me that there are more monetary and control issues here. Not the well being of the human race. (Any words underlined are linked to trusted sources.)

To 69 year old Greg Bretz, I am sorry. I truly am. Prayers are with you and your family.

End the madness.


Dying man’s medical cannabis seized from his hospital
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Lets Talk Weed…benefits and healing magic

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Lets talk weed
Lets talk weed
Photo by Alesia Kozik on

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It’s not a secret, if you know me, that I am all about everything cannabis, hemp, weed. I am a firm believer in plant medicine, and if you do your research, all medicine originally came from PLANTS. Get CBD here.

I personally take CBD, CBG, CB-everything, and it is helping me wean off of pharma. I also am going to give a huge shout out to my people, who make the products I take. Here is a link to get your own.

But lets talk about the benefits of CBD for pain.. Just for ONE instant, open your mind and consider plant medicine.

“Cannabis has been used for millennia to reduce pain. Herbal cannabis is currently strongly promoted by some patients and their advocates to treat any type of chronic pain.” Source PubMed.

It personally, helps reduce overall inflammation throughout my entire body. With no side affects.

Yes, you need to do your research to find what strain and what products work best for you. Don’t take my word for it, let it prove itself for you.

Will it get you high? CBD will not, but if you get anything with a higher amount of THC in it, you could feel some affects of euphoria.

Humble Collective CBD, and Humble Alternative have the best products on the market, FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE, from anywhere else I’ve seen.

You must make sure to take products that are unadulterated, and have ZERO additives.

These products are just that. Perfect. <—-click here to get your own.

So go get you some, and chill the F out.



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Added products, and Manly Men.

man in blue dress shirt and black formal suit

Just a quick post to say that I’ve added Just Nutritive Skincare, and Benefits Bad Gal Mascara (they have an option for free shipping, below.) Click on any of the red words to check them out.

Free Shipping when you buy NEW Powdered Blushes. Use code: FREESHIP

I’m going to be posting some ”manly man” skin care. 😊 Stuff that smells woodsy, and masculine. I’ll update this post and ad another when I get them checked out.



Blog updates

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android app blog blogging
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Just wanted to go over a few things about navigating my site.

To the right of my page, there is a search bar, you can type in your search criteria, and find what you are looking for.

Alternatively, there is an archives list as well to the right, if you scroll further down, along with a category list.

At the top (on a desktop) there are my pages that go over income disclaimers, my business tools, favorites, home, etc.

On mobile, there are lines at the upper right, that will bring a drop down menu, so you can choose which page you want to navigate to, the search bar is on the bottom of the page on the mobile version.

Hope this helps!


Sell your awesomness!!

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Soooo…as a part of my transparency on building a business online, I have started a project that will teach newbies how to build a website from scratch.

I’m pretty familiar with WordPress, and I wanted to use another platform to build out a brand new site. So I chose Wix. (Sorry WordPress… but you will be the next course creation. 😊)

There is a great platform called Udemy, where you can create a course, upload it, and then sell it. Once you create the course, that’s it… it becomes completely passive income after that.

I’m really wanting to create as much passive income as I can. I will take on a SMALL number of clients for mentoring/coaching, but I want the bulk of my income to come from me sleeping. lol….

This works people, I’m making money.

I really like to write, which is why I have this blog. (Since 2013). I want to share with other people how the process works, and I’m learning as I go.

I will admit, it’s been a bit more time consuming than I first thought, but that’s totally ok! I learn best by doing.

I’ve also shared that I struggled with mental health diagnosis, and I’ll just say that some days I have a hard time functioning. I go through major depressive episodes, I have PTSD and struggle with the symptoms of that. I have body image issues that I struggle with, and it’s just hard some days.

I also am one of those people who get into the ”flow”, and then I’ll work on my business for hours and hours.. this is NOT A GOOD THING for me. I have to learn to manage my time better.

I’m going to share a couple of personal videos of me, and the things that I enjoy, and that bring me happiness. These are my reasons ”why” I started my online business journey. They will be the next posts.

Happy Friday y’all! Make it a great weekend.