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LifeStraw Demo


I am currently waiting on my LifeStraw portable water filtration system to arrive, so I can take it out to my pond and fill use it to see if it really does create potable water. This would be a absolute necessity if you are traveling or nomading around the country. (Which I plan to do by the end of the year.)

Check back for updates. I’m going to post a video so you can see exactly what I’m doing. I’m excited. I follow a guy on social media who used a LifeStraw to filter some NASTY looking pond water, and he put it under a microscope…before and after…. and it seems to work! I won’t know until I try myself though, because well, I’m hard headed and have to see it with my own two eyes.

Per their site this is supposed to:

  • Protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, sand and cloudiness
  • Independently lab tested, durable and BPA Free
  • Ultimate survival tool, no shelf life, easy to clean and store
  • Get replacements and accessories

Should be interesting!


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