You Come First YES! #1 Reason-know your mind and body

You Come first. YES! #1 Reason-know your mind and body.

You come first. Let’s have an honest discussion about sex and sexuality.

It’s a natural act of procreation. Yes, that’s how everything on the planet reproduces. EVERY living thing. Are we that much different than animals? Well yes, we know the difference between right and wrong. (Some say that animals can learn the difference between right and wrong, but I believe that is just a learned behaviour from outside stimulus.)

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Anyway, if you’ve done any studies into sex, you’ll find that it’s a healthy part of our lives. Specifically having an orgasm. This article explains how bringing the body to climax (orgasm) is healthy, and can help with chronic pain, anxiety, and dopamine levels.

Being able to trust yourself, let alone anther person to be intimate with is hard for some. Sex therapists will tell you that you need to know your own body in order to be able to share what pleasures you, with someone else. My Google search of intimacy brought this up…..


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  1. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.
  2. “the intimacy between a husband and wife”
  3. a private cozy atmosphere.”the room had a peaceful sense of intimacy about it”

“A close familiarity“. This to me means that a person knows anther so well, that they can see, feel, give what that person wants.

So why should you know yourself well enough to be able to have an orgasm? This publication shares that the actual orgasm itself, is beneficial for the body regardless if it’s achieved solo (masturbation) or with a partner. Psychologically it may be ”better” with a partner, but the chemical processes that happen with orgasm are the same whether it’s solo, or with another person. Read the full article HERE from the trusted source.

So why am I talking about it? Because it’s important! I’ll say what everyone else is afraid to say.

That being said, ”You Come First” is a great way to take back your own sexuality. I have partnered with Vush, a wonderful company who makes phenomenal products to be used alone or with a partner. It’s not just a ”sex toy” company, this is a movement. When you go to their website, it’s not just trying to sell you something. They have indepth info about the importance of ”The Big O”.

Don’t feel ashamed to FEEL GOOD. There is already too much in this world to make us miserable, lets not let our bodies do the same. Take care of YOU, we only live once, and time goes by way too fast.

Go get your “O”.

You come first. The big O solo masturbation

You come first.

Find your magical spot. Give yourself some love.

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You know you want to try it.

Some of the secrets you’ll learn inside…how to do it right.
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