“It’s impossible…you don’t think you can’t do it. You say that it’s too scary, it sears red hot pain and you can’t feel it anymore. Heartbreak feels like you can’t breathe, and there are tiny little needles trying to jab out the air in your lungs, taking each breath painfully, stealing what life you feel you have left. If any, you think. You reach for it, only to realize it’s a mirage created by your own eyes, that you try to gouge out, just in an attempt eradicate those images, only to find out they are branded onto the soft tissue of your brain which was left open and vulnerable by the huge hole you feel in your skull. In your forehead where you beat yourself silly trying to make it stop. But it won’t, can’t stop. It will cease only with the last breath of it, when it flies up weightless on doves wings..and smells the clean fresh air. Then only, will you truly be free”.  ©2015


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