Scan this code for all my contacts 30 Nov 22

Scan this code for all my contacts. 30 Nov 22
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This is my centralized location for everything. It’s all here in one place.

You can scan this into your phone, and it will take you right there.

Please considering donating to camper/van fund. All donations are tax deductible and I will have an accountability person, all funds will be open for inspection. Complete transparency where your donations will go.

Just a quick note. My mental health cycles, and I have to take time out some days to cope.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, peace and blessings.

✌️ Shassy

You don’t always get approved

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When you apply for affiliate partnerships, you have to first do some research on the product.

Then you have to find the affiliate partner program that that product uses. Usually then you have to create an account with that partner.

THEN you can search for your product. (In my case natural soaps… I’m still doing research on that for a blog post.) Ok, so you find your product, then most of the times you need to apply.. although some programs have an instant approval.

After you apply… you wait… and wait. Sometimes at least a week, or two. They send you an email tell you if you have been approved or denied. They’ll check out your website to see if they ”like” it.

Sometimes, you aren’t who they want, and they reject you. If you have any type of controversial topics, or products on your site, they may deny you. (This happened to me, and I made the page private, reapplied, and was approved.)

My point is, there’s so much more to affiliate marketing. You just don’t ”get a link and put it on a page”.

Also, sometimes different products are in different programs, so if you are creating a listacle, you’ll have to get accounts with each one. It takes time, if you want to promote more than one thing. So be patient, and be prepared to put in the work.

(In my course I’ll be showing you how to create those links from start to finish. )

Anywho, here’s a little ditbit I wanted to clarify, because I see so many vidoes that are misleading.



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