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Reminder of my campaign to 1000, also I’ve changed my email provider, so if you could please subscribe, I would be SO APPRECIATIVE.

My #Newpowa solar panel arrived!

My Girl Zoey

My #Neepowa solar panel arrived!

Update: I have been using this to power my generator. It’s a poly, some people say get a monocrystalline….but 🤷🏻‍♀️…it’s working well!

Quick unboxing. This little gem will power my Jeep mini camper.

I’ve camped a lot, but never built custom cabinets for an suv. 😳.

Will share the rest of my power system when it gets here.


Click here to check out these solar panels. Just look for “Newpowa Solar”


Remembering the soft flutters of her heart when she saw you.

Childlike giddiness, and sweet blushing cheek.

Life was innocent, sweet, unfurrowed and soft blue.

Like the skies above, with whimsical clouds, so meek.

They had love and tenderness,

Even if just for a while.

When you arrived emotion would swoon, and she would glow within your smile.

This is how she wants to cherish you;

With memories sweet and kind.

Not with brash brush strokes,

Like a wanted criminal nailed to a pine.

Only with gentle kisses and soft words spoken with truth.

Before entanglements entwined entrapped and ensued.

Bringing sweet innocence crashing down and defused.

Thank you for teaching her what love is to feel.

She’ll always remember you as her first one to see,

How hearts can feel and love and simply breath.

Beats come fast and hard now as her heart is confused.

Life brings a mix of red, black and green hues.

Rarely does the soft whimsical breeze, sweet memories ring true.

But she holds in her heart; seals it tight and safe keeps,

Her love from a wood, with the scent of kind gentleness.

And removes the harsh colors that have been trying to steal,

Her memory of her heart in love.

She must keep it real.

Her mind and emotion are constantly in opposition.

With life lessons knocking in such supposition.

But in those warm spring days when she sits in the grass,

Enjoying the leaves and soft nickering lass,

She lays back in the sun, and smells the sweet wood,

Remembering her love as always she should.

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash


Mental Health


Life Lessons




#MoveMePoetryBattle 19 Nov 22

beverage in cup next to open book

#MoveMePoetryBattle 19 Nov 22-Submission

#movemepoetrybattle #poetry #writingcommunity

This weeks poetry battle was to use this image writing our poems.

This is my submission.

You can search Twitter hashtags #MoveMePoetry, #writing community to see more submissions from amazing authors and poets.

✌️ Shassy

Check @JustGoWild on TikTok, and he’s written a book about his adventures, you can find that book here.

Also, check out my short story. It was written raw and while I was dealing with and extremely difficult PTSD episode. But it’s all true. You can get it here on Barnes and Noble, or HERE on Amazon

Oh yea… I love this thing.

Oh yea….I love this thing.

This is basically a mini waffle maker. You can get them for around 9- ish bucks. I’ve had this for quite a while now and I love it.

Just wanted to share. You can get your own if you want to, or don’t.. I’m not the boss of you… 🤣🤣🤣. You can use my Amazon link, via my linktree button below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I’ve added a short video of me making an egg Chaffle, with jalapeño, onions, cheese, fresh oregano, and rosemary and a few other things. There’s no rules on what you can do, or the ingredients… do whatever you want.

Oh yea i love this thing

“Clock” MoveMePoetry 11-4-22

“Clock” MoveMePoetry

Don’t drip my time

Encase it with chains

Make me feel wetness

On my legs

As you beg

To keep me

One last time

I will not give in

This rattling tin

Of a heart

Is shorn short

Of time

Release me

As I release you

From forever shackles

Man made hackles

Of shine




Your clock strikes mine.

MoveMePoetry Medium Poetry Battle Clock writing poetry


Lets go over some ways I’ve made money online. Hooray! My 1st favorite is blogging.

grey metal case of hundred dollar bills

Let’s go over some way’s I’ve made money online. Hooray! My 1st favorite is blogging.

Lets go over some ways I’ve made money online. All of these I have used, and they have generated income. Making money online started to explode during the onset, and following the covid pandemic. People realized that they could make a living from home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection. Employees were forced out of their offices and into their homes, and it’s turned out to be a good thing.

You can gain more freedom, work from a van down by the river, or from a beach by the ocean. As long as you can get internet, you’re good to go. Gone are the days where a person has to punch a time clock and work a 9-5.

I understand some people enjoy their work, and prefer it that way. That’s cool too. When I was able to work, and working in the nursing industry, I loved my job. But times have changed, and being unable to work as an employee, and being on disability has forced me to learn to do new things.


The first online platform I’m going to talk about is Fiverr. It was created as a platform in the beginning for people to do projects for others for 5 bucks. It’s since then evolved and you can create what they call a ”gig”, to do anything. Website design, Amazon listings, app development. I did a quick search for “how to build a website”, and there were over 25K gigs ranging in price from $650 to $5.

It’s easy to set up, and takes about an hour or a little more if you are a newbie, to set up your first gig. I have made money on this platform. If you would like to check it out, you can click any of the underlined words.


The next platform that is similar to Fiverr is Legiit. Legitt works about the same way as Fiverr, is a bit newer to the online freelance platform world. But it is getting great reviews. It has awesome security with 2FA and great payout programs.

Etsy and ShineOn

Ok, this is a seriously cool trick. You can start an Etsy store, create jewelry via ShineOn, and upload your jewelry to your Etsy store. You don’t have to have any inventory, you don’t have to do any shipping, or any of that. You simply find a piece of jewelry, or a product that ShineOn has, do the setup, and then sync it to your Etsy store. I’ve made money this way as well.

My store is kind of on the back burner right now, so I’m working on that, but it is a great way to make and sell products, without having to actually fabricate the product yourself. If you do make products, then that’s awesome, Etsy is a great place to showcase them. You can click any of the underlined words to try it out and see my store.

Print on Demand

This is similar to Etsy and Shineon. Except you can take one of your pictures, and upload it to Redbubble, and then you can choose what kind of products that picture will be on. Cups, mugs, aprons, mini skirts, dog items, shower curtains, tank tops, t-shirts, water bottles… that’s just a few items. There are A LOT. You can click HERE to see what I’m talking about. Currently I’m adding anther print on demand shop.

I’ll update this post when it goes live. All you have to do is go to the website, create an account, and then start making items. It will take some time to get everything set up for payment, and whatever kind of designs you want to create. I use Canva, click here to create your account. Canva’s images are not copyrighted, so you can find whatever you want to create and then use it. It’s really cool.

Most of these platforms are geared towards the freelancer. Someone who wants to be able to work from anywhere, and create their own type of atmosphere. Especially if you like to write, are good at creating content, understand seo, or just like to work in your pjs from your couch.

There will always be blogging. Blogs will never go away, and are another great way to generate income. I started this blog fore FREE nine years ago…it’s my go-to to publish whatever I want to write about. It’s a little slower, but if you can be consistent, then it’s a sure fire winner.

Always remember that you only fail if you don’t try. Just try…all of these platforms are FREE to use. FREE FREE FREE FREE.

If you would like an EXTREMELY detailed guide to these and other services to start your own online business, I’ve partnered with Adrian Brambila to share the Brambila Method. This is how he’s made his money, and is financially retired at the age of 32. Yes it costs money, but if you aren’t 100% satisfied, he offers a money back guarantee.

Go over some ways I’ve made money online
Photo by Pixabay on

go over with meaning

go over to someone meaning

go over again meaning

go over synonym

go over to a place meaning

working toward goals

your daily routine

Just words

greyscale photography of woman wearing long sleeved top

This post is just words. No business additions or anything, not even an seo plug-in because I’m doing it from my phone.

I am so spent. Put a fork in me, I’m done. My heart hurts, my mind feels broken, I’m tired, and my body hurts. The constant arrows of imposter syndrome are beating at my usually impenetrable shield, and I feel like I’m watching myself slowly fall down a steep hill, trying to grab onto anything to slow the slide.

I’ve blogged about this before. There’s so much that frustrates me about mental illness. These cycles are exhausting and I don’t like it. I want to sleep, but can’t. I want to feel happiness, but don’t most of the time.

Some days I just don’t understand why this keeps happening. In the same thought, I’m telling myself that it happens because you’re a crazy person with mental health issues, with no direct support. (Like a human being close to me type of thing). Then I start thinking that this is too much for anyone to have to deal with, so they are better off away from me. THEN my brain goes back to “But you’re only a flawed human being, you can’t be fixed”.

I am starting to believe that. There is no fixing this, it’s just a constant barrage of ups and downs and the struggle to cope. This is where it gets rough. This is where, in the past I have fallen head first into addiction to numb the feelings. I’m not doing that, in case you were wondering… I’ve beat that demon back into the pit of hell this time. Thank God.

This is where the morbid thoughts start creeping in the background of my mind, poking and prodding.

So I’m writing. This is why I created this site almost 10 years ago. As a therapy tool to help me get through the tough times. There have been many tough times, and I’ve put it all out here in the interwebs of digital outer space. I’ve shared it all, from the beginning, to why and how I’m trying to make life better.

But today…. Yesterday, the day before… couple weeks before…it’s been a struggle. I have a toolbox of coping skills, and they are being used, but sometimes I’m just all out of spoons.

Exhausting, depressive, mind numbing. I hope it passes soon. I have work to do.

The best…

wood dawn caffeine coffee
jump shot photography of two women
Photo by YURI MANEI on

Refer a friend to the best, in my opinion, place to start your online business.

I like WordPress. There are other ways, but so far I’m able to do anything and everything from here.

But, with that being said, if you and I work together one on one, you can choose whatever platform you want. I’ll always share what’s worked for me, but the final decision will be up to you, because you’ll be running your business.