Sleeping under the stars. 9 June 2023

Yesterday I completely redid my jeep mini camper. All with up-cycled stuff. I’v created a lot more room, will be adding an “air conditioner”…I’ve done some research on how to make one for less that 20 bucks. I’ll run that video when I get it finished. It’s not a fancy unit, but will cool it down during hotter days when I don’t want to run into civilization. LOL….It also gives me perfect space for a 12v fridge, which I do need as my setup only lasts about three days before I need to put my gel packs back into the freezer.

Last night we were just chillin, relaxing listening to the birds and Sadie decided to come say hi. I honestly think she’s checking on my because she’ll just come and hang out. In the following video, she was grazing next to the jeep, and something caught her eye. She long trotted off into the distance and listened, looked back at me, and then decided it was time to head to the north side. Scroll on down to see the video.

Sleeping under the stars. 9 June 2023

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I managed to get my phone out and video it. As she was trotting off into the sunset, I caught some beautiful colors. Here’s the video.

Trottin’ of into the sunset. 💜

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Thank you so much for coming on my healing journey with me. It will not always be pretty, but I’m slowing down, reading more…this is the summer of books.

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It’s been a rough 30 hours.

It’s been a rough 30 hours.

Updated: The cause has been determined to be exposure to chemicals/toxins. Probably from what is used on the yard and trees for weed and pest control. Please please, if you have animals, DO NOT USE CHEMICALS.

I am sick to my stomach about this. But there’s nothing I can do, it’s out of my control. I don’t own the property, or the cats, I just nurture, and care for them.

Please, if you are the praying kind, please send some my way, and for all of the animals that I’ve shared… especially Little T.

One of my favorite cats has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, the cause is undetermined, but there are many theories on why a cat gets an autoimmune disease.

I have a good idea, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

I’m heartbroken. I take care of all of these animals, but they aren’t mine, and I can’t make decisions for them. (Except for Sadie, she is mine)

I also have to move my girl Sadie back to another place, due to this issue with the cats. And because of my vehicle problems, I won’t be able to see her everyday, like I have been since day one.

I have to do what’s best for her, and not think about my own feelings.

Our animals depend on us to do what’s best for them, and this is what’s best for Sadie.

But it breaks my heart, even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she will be very well taken care of and loved by many.

(My friend and I had made an agreement before I got her, that if for any reason, I could bring her back. So that’s what I’m doing).

I don’t know what the decision is going to be for sweet Little T and his condition, as those decisions aren’t up to me. He and I are bonded, and I’m very upset and needless to say there’s been a lot of tears.

Please send good vibes, prayers, whatever… this is going to be tough.

There’s nothing better than being with this girl.

I love you Sadie girl.

And to Little T… you know I love you too baby boy. 💔

Sadie and Little T

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I got Level 1 EAGALA certified.

(Video at bottom of post)

GOOD MORNING to all, or afternoon, where ever you are in the world)

In 2009, I traveled to Lafayette Louisiana for a Level 1 Certification with EAGALA. (Equine assisted growth and learning association)

Here’s a LINK for more explanation about the program.

At that time they still had mental health professionals, and equine specialists, with Level 1, 11, certifications. When I took my three day training, it was in 2009, so I’m sure the curriculum has changed a bit. It was one of the most amazing learning experiences I have been through. And I got a certificate that gave me 23 college credit hours in counseling.

I usually go into these type of things as an observer…but at the beginning of the class the instructor told us to not be surprised if feelings, emotions, reactions come to the surface.

I was literally emotionally caught off guard.

I got Level 1 EAGALA certified


At the beginning of the class, on the first day, there were horses in the arena, just hanging out. Enough for all of us, and we had to choose a horse and bring him or her back to the other end of the paddock, with no halter, no food, no ropes, nothing, just ourselves and our ability to communicate what we wanted our chosen horse to do.

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I walked around a bit looking at the horses and trying to get a feeling, and ended up choosing a 4 year old cutting bred gelding. He was amazing. (I almost bought him and took him home.). I managed to communicate what I wanted him to do, and we made it back to the other end of the paddock. No halters, no treats, no buckets of food…just me and the horse.

The next three days brought out “stuff” that I had ignored for years. Stories were told by licensed mental health professionals about their experiences using this type of therapy, some I cannot share because of the nature of the sensitivity of the patients and their traumas. But I will say that one story showed how much this type of therapy works…a young child who didn’t communicate due to extensive trauma, began to open up with a gelding he had bonded with and was finally able to speak his truth, and begin his healing.

Check out all of the good ole’ Levi’s favorites, or the new groovy stuff.

Needless to say, I’m going to go through the training again, for a refresher. Just for my own well being at least.

If you are interested in this… a fully licensed EAGALA team consists of an equine specialist, and a licensed professional therapist. One person can’t be both.

But it’s so worth it. I promise. Here’s the link again



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Sunrises are the best, May 8, 2023

Woke up around 4-ish and debated what I wanted to do…I was instantly hit with “challenges”. But I got up, fed the dog and got things ready to head out.

Got to the ranch and the storm clouds were covering the sunrise and I thought it was just gorgeous. Did a real quick set up of my camera, and tried to catch it. Got a little…

The sun is life. Without it everything gets discombobulated. Including my brain. I try to get as much sun as I can handle…though some days it causes a flare up, but I get out in it anyway. During the winter I have sun light bulbs, mostly for my indoor plants, but also for myself. Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing.

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I cycled really fast this morning. Haven’t figured out the whys about it, so I just try to deal with it. I made it! I almost put myself back to bed with a Xanax because I was in a shitty anxiety attack that was lasting forever.

But I didn’t. I went and prepped my garden and ran the weed eater on my little back yard. I decided to try my entire garden from seed this year. Flowers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. If I don’t see them sprouting in a couple of weeks, then I’ll go get some that have already been started, but normally I do fairly well with seeds.

Sunrises are the best, May 8, 2023

I planted a lot of insect friendly seeds, and some climbing seeds. Fingers crossed everything goes well. We are supposed to get some rain today and tonight, so hopefully that will help as well. I don’t have any areas that the water runs off, so I THINK the seeds I plopped on the ground, will stay. I did cover them a bit. Technically I’m not supposed to plant anything “in the ground”, it has to be in pots, but I did it anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anywho…thanks for reading, and here’s the video I took of the sun and clouds. So beautiful.



So it’s 18 April, 2023, 2023??? Where has the time gone

2023? What the heck. I turn 54 in a month. Spring time is here and the summer chores are ramping up… which I love…the older I get the more I like the warmer weather…but this past winter we had the most beautiful snowfall…here’s a quick video I took…I loved it. It was one of those snow storms, that had no wind, big fat wet fluffy snowflakes, and it all made the land so quiet and peaceful.

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Now spring is here… the barn swallows and purple martins are back…that is my sure sign that winter is over… although we have a couple of days where it’s going to get chilly in the evening, but it won’t last long.

I camped out in my #jeepminicamper during the last thunder storm, and it was AMAZING….here’s a quick video I took of the light show.

I can’t express how much I love thunderstorms… they are forecasting more in the next couple of days… and you guessed it, I’ll be out in it.

It’s being out here, like right now, in my little camper, with my dog, listening to the birds that creates a safe space feeling for me. I can see my horse out grazing, and she’ll eventually come over to say hi. I’ve posted some amazing videos I’ve gotten of her on my YouTube channel…check them out if you’d like. I’m really building that channel, because I love the community. I’m considering deactivating my facebook…just not sure yet.

So it’s 18 April, 2023, 2023??? Where has the time gone

Anyway, here’s the link for my YouTube, if you’re interested. If you like my channel, would you consider subscribing, following, liking, and turning on notifications? I’m doing this the old fashioned way, organically growing my channel, and I’d love to have you along for my journey. Also, if there is something that you want me to talk about on my podcast, or something you want me to share on my YouTube, shoot me a message on any of my socials. I’ll do my best to accommodate you. 💜

Symptoms the past few days have been somewhat level.. just dealing with physical pain. But my Humble Collective Gummies relieve those pains, I can’t live without them. They are my go-to for pain and anxiety. I only take my prescription medication as a last resort. Here’s the link for the gummies if you are interested. (They are legal in all 50 states, so don’t worry, and you’ll get a $10 coupon with my link.)

So that’s it for today…I have to edit some footage, and get some more work done for my podcast…I’m posting those on the weekends for right now. You can find me on iHeart, Apple, Google, Spotify and Amazon podcasts. But be patient… I’m still learning.

Have a great day!



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When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

Sadie is the ultimate version of “putting up with my shenanigans”.

She is so patient with me and my “let’s see what weird things we can do today”. I can lay under her, crawl between her legs, sit down in front of her, pretty much anything.

This didn’t come instantly. We didn’t know each other when we got together. She had a rough past with her first owner. So I had to spend time, just spending time with her. She had to learn that every time I raised my hand, she didn’t have to flinch anymore.

I took my time… and that trust took two years to build, at liberty.

Sadie was a workin’ horse during her first years. If you what that means.. then you get it.

Then before I got her, she was with a wonderful friend her taught her that not all people were bad. That she enjoyed my friends grandkids riding her around, and she took such good care of them.

Now we are retired, we ride for relaxation and just to spend time together.

She’s happy to leave the barn now, and go on a relaxing ride.

Her working days are still in her memory though… she spots a cow from a mile away, and will move to a gate to open it, if I ask it of her.

When your horse holds your drink on her booty. 🤣 #1

I call her the brush buster, because I’m guessing she had to look for cows/calves at one point, in the brush… and she will just go through it, instead of around it.

I can see the past learned behavior coming to the forefront, when she thinks she has to work…but we don’t “work” anymore. But those memories are still there.

Don’t worry Sadie girl, I got you… nothing but blue skies and fun rides from now on. 💜

I’ve had quite a few horses, I’ve lost them due to domestic violence and abuse. Having my horses stolen, due to undiagnosed mental health, ptsd on my part, has been a sad haunting memory for me…

But all of my horses knew love. To me, that is all I could send with them.

I’ll admit, I struggle still with guilt… which I shouldn’t do, but my heart and mind battle are the hard days.

Don’t miss a moment… they could be gone in a heartbeat.



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Something fun, springy, and short. My #1 favorite thing to do.

Spring has officially arrived here. The barn swallows are back and so are the purple martins. That is my sign that winter is over.

It really wasn’t a bad winter, honestly, I remember worse times….But the older I get the more I like the warmer weather. I think my horse does too. She’s a summer girl.

So today I’m just going to post a montage of me riding my girl Sadie. Nothing more… just sharing my appreciative heart and thankful for another spring to be here on this earth.

Trying to find my wayward horse. My best friend at 22 years old.

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When I’m out doing things, mowing, working on the jeep, or just relaxing…I let Sadie out to wander around. She has a dedicated pasture for herself, but I pull her off of it during the winter to manage the grass. Since spring is on the way, I’ve been letting her out to run around the rest of the 180 acres.

When it’s time to come in, I just whistle and call her name, and she comes back. Yesterday I saw her heading west along the fire lane and I thought I’d go meet her, but when I got around to that area, she wasn’t there. Clearly she took a left and headed straight to the barn, because she knew it was chow time.

I haven’t owned her her whole life. This is year 5 for us being together. I’m finding that even an old horse can learn to do new things. I’m working with her at liberty, and it’s been the most amazing thing to learn and watch her communicate with me, and me communicate with her. This summer I really would like to see what she’s willing to do…at liberty…and see what new things we can learn about each other, and together.

Horses are amazing. They tolerate our mistakes, and our inability to know from the start, their communication language. When I was younger I had a different idea of what training a horse meant. I’ve always tried to keep an open mind, and always be able to learn new and different ways. Stepping outside of myself and being able to learn from her, has been the most rewarding.

One of my favorite things to do is just go out and “be” with her.

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Just wanted to share how awesome my girl is. 😊



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Here’s me and Fletch. A horse I rode for a day, who taught me something about forgiveness.

Here’s me and Fletch. I was riding him with some other people a few years ago. Really nice little medicine cap gelding. Had the patience of a saint. I really enjoyed riding him that day, he was calm, eager and ready to go do something.

Me and Fletch

It was an enjoyable ride, and he never gave anything but his best for me.

He is now owned and loved by a family who has little kids. The patience he shows with those kids is priceless. Standing and allowing them to learn how to mount up and accepting their youth and learning.

Horses are an amazingly forgiving animal, in most cases. They tolerate our mistakes, our inability to figure out quickly what their language is, so an effective team and trust can be built. They listen to your heartbeat, and breathing, and can tell if you are anxious or scared. Without proper learned communication, this just makes the horse anxious, just like us.

Here’s me and Fletch. A horse I rode for a day, who taught me something about forgiveness.

A horse like Fletch can’t tell us what his past has been, but from when I rode him, he was accepting of this new stranger on his back, and made ME confident. It’s always a guess when I get on a new horse, to test out for someone, or just riding someone else’s horse. Fletch told me “Hi new human! I’m Fletch, and I’m going to show you that I’m good, and I’ll take care of you on our ride today”.

He did just that.

If your horse is reacting, check yourself, your feelings, and your emotional status… it may be that you just need to have a talk, and spend some time getting to know each other, at liberty. 

What do you think about horses? Have you ever had any experience with them? Do you have a communication problem with them? Let me know

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Here’s me and Fletch

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My Girl Zoey

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Like I’ve said before, I won’t recommend something I haven’t used, or use myself.



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