Let’s get that #1 favorite ball!

This morning was great, beautiful and after this I’m going to take a nap, ptsd is kicking my ass today, so I do what I need to make it through the day.

But before that, as I got out to the ranch, I played with Zoey for a while. Yesterday was rough for both of us. So to see her back to normal, wanting to play, filled my heart with joy. Zoey has a lectin intolerance, which causes her to projectile vomit if she eats the wrong things.

I felt so guilty because I thought I’d try some different protein in her breakfast, and I instantly knew that she was hurting, her tummy was upset. I’ll explain lectin intolerance in another post, but it’s real and it causes bad things to happen.

So this morning when she wanted to play ball and was feeling good, I felt good.

Here’s a video.

If you don’t understand how lectins can disrupt your body, check out this book.

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I have now lost 23 pounds changing my diet, and been able to apply these same principles to Zoey’s diet, and she has become a new dog.

I am fundraising for repairs on my jeep, or to get something different, as the Old Girl is about ready to go out to pasture.

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Happy Sunday!



Let’s get that #1 favorite ball!

  1. Let’s get that #1 favorite ball!

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