Quick rundown of what I’ve done to the ole’girl. 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done to the Jeep….sink, cabinet for storage on top of my power system, a fold out little table for extra space, sink made from an older little end table with a drawer..drilled the hole for the sink, got a stainless steel bowl and drilled holes into it for drainage. Here’s a video. Links to what I’ve used below and in the description included in the YouTube video.

12V Fridge

Video to flashlight description

How to get the flashlight in the above video.

Foldable/Storage Solar Panel

Bluetti Solar Generator

I am upgrading to a little bigger generator to run the fridge, and an air conditioner (it’s like a cooler, but it will have to wait a while, it’s on my wish list.

With having some mechanical issues happening, I’m slowing down a bit. I can still go to places close to home until I get it all figured out. I have started a fundraiser for repairs on my vehicle.

Here’s where you can donate if you wish, all donations are tax deductible.

Donate: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8UlHPKkfJv

Cash App: https://cash.app/$hrsygirl

Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/shassy

Anywho, happy Monday



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I got Level 1 EAGALA certified.

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GOOD MORNING to all, or afternoon, where ever you are in the world)

In 2009, I traveled to Lafayette Louisiana for a Level 1 Certification with EAGALA. (Equine assisted growth and learning association)

Here’s a LINK for more explanation about the program.

At that time they still had mental health professionals, and equine specialists, with Level 1, 11, certifications. When I took my three day training, it was in 2009, so I’m sure the curriculum has changed a bit. It was one of the most amazing learning experiences I have been through. And I got a certificate that gave me 23 college credit hours in counseling.

I usually go into these type of things as an observer…but at the beginning of the class the instructor told us to not be surprised if feelings, emotions, reactions come to the surface.

I was literally emotionally caught off guard.

I got Level 1 EAGALA certified


At the beginning of the class, on the first day, there were horses in the arena, just hanging out. Enough for all of us, and we had to choose a horse and bring him or her back to the other end of the paddock, with no halter, no food, no ropes, nothing, just ourselves and our ability to communicate what we wanted our chosen horse to do.

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I walked around a bit looking at the horses and trying to get a feeling, and ended up choosing a 4 year old cutting bred gelding. He was amazing. (I almost bought him and took him home.). I managed to communicate what I wanted him to do, and we made it back to the other end of the paddock. No halters, no treats, no buckets of food…just me and the horse.

The next three days brought out “stuff” that I had ignored for years. Stories were told by licensed mental health professionals about their experiences using this type of therapy, some I cannot share because of the nature of the sensitivity of the patients and their traumas. But I will say that one story showed how much this type of therapy works…a young child who didn’t communicate due to extensive trauma, began to open up with a gelding he had bonded with and was finally able to speak his truth, and begin his healing.

Check out all of the good ole’ Levi’s favorites, or the new groovy stuff.

Needless to say, I’m going to go through the training again, for a refresher. Just for my own well being at least.

If you are interested in this… a fully licensed EAGALA team consists of an equine specialist, and a licensed professional therapist. One person can’t be both.

But it’s so worth it. I promise. Here’s the link again



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Sunrises are the best, May 8, 2023

Woke up around 4-ish and debated what I wanted to do…I was instantly hit with “challenges”. But I got up, fed the dog and got things ready to head out.

Got to the ranch and the storm clouds were covering the sunrise and I thought it was just gorgeous. Did a real quick set up of my camera, and tried to catch it. Got a little…

The sun is life. Without it everything gets discombobulated. Including my brain. I try to get as much sun as I can handle…though some days it causes a flare up, but I get out in it anyway. During the winter I have sun light bulbs, mostly for my indoor plants, but also for myself. Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing.

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I cycled really fast this morning. Haven’t figured out the whys about it, so I just try to deal with it. I made it! I almost put myself back to bed with a Xanax because I was in a shitty anxiety attack that was lasting forever.

But I didn’t. I went and prepped my garden and ran the weed eater on my little back yard. I decided to try my entire garden from seed this year. Flowers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. If I don’t see them sprouting in a couple of weeks, then I’ll go get some that have already been started, but normally I do fairly well with seeds.

Sunrises are the best, May 8, 2023

I planted a lot of insect friendly seeds, and some climbing seeds. Fingers crossed everything goes well. We are supposed to get some rain today and tonight, so hopefully that will help as well. I don’t have any areas that the water runs off, so I THINK the seeds I plopped on the ground, will stay. I did cover them a bit. Technically I’m not supposed to plant anything “in the ground”, it has to be in pots, but I did it anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anywho…thanks for reading, and here’s the video I took of the sun and clouds. So beautiful.