Mental health is the #1 struggle.

If you’ve read my about info, you now that I started this channel to help my mental health diagnoses. To build out my old jeep, (who has 270,000 miles on her), and to get out in nature to heal, and cope.

I show a lot of positive things on my channel, and I want to keep doing that. I enjoy a lot of things, so my channel is an extension of my actual life. No fake bullshit.

So with that being said, I wanted to share a clip I made, and add in the challenges I was experiencing during filming.

I put myself out here to help cope, but I’m not always in a good way when I get to where I’m going.

I wanted to be blunt about this, it’s not easy and it’s not fun, and I have days where I want to die. (Morbid thoughts is what my therapist calls it. No plan to end my life, just thoughts that the world would be less burdened if I wasn’t on it.)

This is reality some days, and I want to be transparent.

Mental health is the #1 struggle.

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