The fare

The Fare

The Fare

Quiet tears

Unfelt fears

These are the things that she ruminates some days.

Deep down these feelings go

Into a place filled with caverns

And hollow sounding walls.

It’s not cold here, or hot,

It’s nothing, yet it’s filled with sorrow.

The kind that makes her hold her breath.

The darkness envelopes in a quiet, nurturing voiceless swirl of unspoken feeling.

As if to say

“You’re back, my love, I’ve missed you so, where have you been?”.

She just lays there now, eyes closed not fighting with him.

“I’m here” she responds,

I’m always here.

In this place of nothingness

Where the air is sweet and the mind is foggy.

She slips farther back on a wisp of swirling air.

This is it, this is where

Her heart can rest from another fare.

There’s a price to be paid, and each time, she must pay it.

Rest now, quiet your fears,

Wipe your tears.

The Fare


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