What goes around, comes around. #1 way to get your ass kicked.

person demonstrating carton with slogan silence allows violence

What goes around, comes around, karma baby. Being an asshole isn’t cool.

If you are on the interwebs at all, you’ll have heard about Andrew Tate. The questionable human being who ran a course program called Hustlers University. It was basically a shitty program that didn’t teach anyone anything, and generated multi level marketing type income. You just keep selling someone a course on how to sell someone a course. Which does nothing. For anyone.

He’s been accused of abusing women, blasts out things like “a women’s place is in the kitchen”, and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have banned him. “Tate’s misogynist rap sheet is long: As NBC News helpfully catalogs so that I don’t have to, Tate has described in detail how he would assault a woman if she accused him of cheating, how he’d rather date 18-year-olds than 25-year-olds because he can “make an imprint” on teenagers who’ve “been through less dick.” On a recent podcast episode he said he’d hit a woman and broke her jaw during a bar fight but “got away with it,” and he has said that the police raided his UK home as part of an investigation into whether he abused a woman”(Cited directly from this website Vox.com click to read the full article.)

This type of behavior gives the honest online business owners a bad rap. Along with honest men, who don’t abuse women, and who aren’t assholes. It’s not fair, and I wanted to throw out my opinion in defense of us who are genuinely trying to build an honest business, and who don’t abuse other humans.

There are a lot of ”get rich quick” courses, and a lot of them are bullshit. Before I decide to promote a product, I do research on it. I want to see if I want my name, my brand, my words attached to it. Will I make a mistake? Probably, but rest assured that I’ll figure it out, and make it right. I see everyday promotion materials for courses that don’t resonate with me, so I don’t promote them.

The sad part is that any attention, good or bad, will enhance someones online presence. Marketing is marketing, you want to get your name out there.. preferably in a good way, but bad press works too. Tate is a prime example of bad.

I can’t imagine being ok with his actions. Obviously there’s some mental issues there, I mean seriously? There are some people that think his actions and words are ok, and that is terribly wrong. In my opinion he didn’t get his ass disciplined as a child. But what do I know. I’m just glad in the online world, he is being called out and karma is coming around and biting him in the ass.

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