Out Of The Grey coffee 1st review. Guatemalan SHB. Delicious

steaming cup of coffee with coffee beans

Out of the Grey coffee review. Guatemalan SHB

Out of the Grey coffee review. Guatemalan SHB

Out of the Grey coffee company reached out and sent me some bags of coffee and tea for me to review. I got the box and when I opened it, it smelled SOOOOO good. (If you like coffee, you know that wonderful aroma.)

The bag of whole beans that I am trying this morning is their Guatemalan SHB. The bag says that it’s “deeply sweet, intricately rich, jasmine, date, pistachio, blood orange zest & coconut flavors with a sweetly tart acidity and satiny mouthfeel.”

It’s steeping now in my french press. I can’t wait.

I’ll be right back.

(There will be a video of me doing the deed.)

I want to note as well, that all the bags I received were roasted 4 days ago, on the 31st of August, 2022. They shipped it to me from Virginia, and I also got chocolate covered expresso beans. Nothing was melted… in case anyone was wondering.

Wonderful. I tasted it before I added all of my stuff… (sugar and dairy free creamer, made from coconut milK and oat milk). It has a smooth feel, with a hint of nuts and and overtone of flowers. That’s what I tasted. It is very tasty.

Don’t take my word for it, get some and try it out yourself.

Happy Saturday


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Out of the grey coffee
Photo by Igor Haritanovich on Pexels.com

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