Solar Generator has arrived

Solar Generator has arrived

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I’m on a tight budget, but I knew I could find an entry level solar powered generator that would work for what I needed. I also didn’t feel like I needed to go with a “name brand” because as I was researching, I could get the same components, for less money, with an off brand. It’s just like anything else, you pay more for a name brand, and it’s not always necessary.

So this is a 300 watt, pass through (means you can charge while the generator is charging) unit. It has two QC 3.0 charging ports (the bigger end of a usb cord), one usb c port, two plug in ports, and a 12v port (like a cig lighter). It also has a little led light. There’s nothing fancy about this, but it has all of what I need, at a very reasonable price…close to 300 less than the name brands. I might even buy another one to run a 12v fridge/freezer.

Solar Generator

Anyway. I’m using it as my only source of power today for my phone and laptop. My laptop (ipad air) is plugged into one of the plugin ports, and the keyboard is plugged into the usb c port. I’ll follow up with how it did later.



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