Jamaican Blue Review delicious

shallow focus photo of coffee beans

Jamaican Blue Review

Yummmooo… I did the review of the Out Of The Grey Coffee, Jamaican Blue this morning, and it was DELISH.

Super smooth and not an inch of bitterness to this roast. I’m loving it. I have one more flavor to try out.

I haven’t decided which of the two I like the best, the Guatemalan SHB was super tasty, but now that I’ve tried this Jamaican Blue… I’m verklempt.

I have to be careful to not drink toooo much coffee, because I’ll end up climbing the walls…I’m already a high strung sometimes. I really want to though. 😁

If you want to try one of Out Of The Grey’s coffee, you can get there by clicking any of the highlighted or underlined words here.

I would bet a Benjamin that you will NOT be disappointed.


Jamaican blue
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

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