Product Highlight-Let It Glow

Product Highlight-Let It Glow

My goodies came today from my favorite store, Humble Collective CBD. (Click underlined to go to their site.)

This is one of two products I’ll be talking about over the next two days.

I’m attempting to NOT go into aging gracefully, but with the least amount of wrinkles and skin damage as possible. I was a sun queen when I was younger, and I do get a lot of sun during the summer at the ranch doing yard work, and stuff like that. But I can’t be without my Humble skincare. Yes, I’ve tried other products, on purpose, to see how my skin reacts, and it just feels better when I use all natural, additive free products. Maybe it just me, but I don’t think so. These products are good.

So let’s get into it. The Let It Glow serum is filled with everything your skin wants and needs for nourishment, and cell regeneration.

Ingredients are: organic grapeseed oil, organic camellia seed oil, organic sunflower and olive oil infused with (all organic herbs) of: comfrey, nettle, chickweed, chamomile, lavender, yarrow, calendula and arnica, organic argan oil, roman chamomile and frankincense essential oils, CBD isolate, CBG isolate.

That’s it! Not words you can’t pronounce, not water, and all GOODNESS for your face.

Comfrey has been found to help the skin be “less susceptible to wrinkles” (cited directly from here.)

That’s just one of the ingredients. Check out the site for more information, here.


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