So I surprised Ricky Raccoon last night, for the second time. 🤣

I was walking into the kitchen, and saw Mr R. through the sliding glass door. I went back to get my phone and snuck into the kitchen to the window and got this.

Let me preface this by saying I put up all the bulk cat food we feed at night. But there always some little tidbits that he/she thinks he/she needs.

It was just a funny look on he/she’s face when she realized I was watching her through the kitchen window.

They KNOW that they aren’t supposed to be there, but food over rules everything.

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I LOVE nature. Being out in it, sitting with the wild animals, hanging out with my horse. It brings me peace on those hard days when I’m struggling with symptoms of my mental health diagnoses.

Anywho, wanted to share this cute funny animal reaction.



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