A poem

Circle, cycle

I’m headed down the drain.

The speed of this demon

Is mangling my brain.

I claw and I fight

Knowing this won’t be my end.

My heart is confused

With such a drenching reign.

Feelings swirl,

Conflict with logic.

I breath in and out,

Sweeping it into neurotic.

Mind spins, heart races

Keeping pace with this,

Excruciating race.

Then one day, the beating stops

My breaths are slow

Meaning well worn stalks.

Stalks filled with reminders

Of days past by,

When there were bruises

Or a swollen eye.

I have a reprieve…

How long will it last?

I don’t care, for I love for today

Calmness and aware,

Settle in and I sway

With the release of another

Pounding drenching day.

I still live.

I have a chance

Thank you universe for seeing me,

Giving me my stance.


Keywords: poetry, pain, poetry community

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